Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Don't Dive Head First Into New Projects: You've Got Time To Think

We live in a fast-paced society where everything needs to be ready even before you start working on it. Between to click and buy phenomenon and the same-day delivery offer, it’s easy to see how people have become more and more impatient. They often deny themselves the time to think about how they could approach new challenges, and simply choose to embrace them on the spot.. without any preparation! But in fact, for better results in your personal and professional life, you need to give yourself the time to ponder over a problem and to consider different solutions. Diving head first into new projects has never been a best-practice guideline to success. On the contrary, it’s the best way to fail painfully!

Give yourself the time to think

Acting fast is always a great quality, and avoid many issues. However, acting rashly and without time to think is always a bad idea, as Ted Rubin notices on tedrubin.com. The reason why most people decide to act quickly is that there’s a common understanding that not acting means that you are inactive. It isn’t true. Taking the time to think and to consider your options delays your actions, but doesn’t mean that you are passively letting obstacles and difficulties hit your path. Thinking is your way to prepare yourself to act, and it’s important that you allow yourself some thinking time before making any decision.  

Thinking saves your money

For a start, if you needed only one good reason to stop and think before acting let it be this one: Thinking can save you a considerable amount of money. Indeed, people who don’t rush into projects can plan efficiently their approach, such as homeowners planning for home improvement projects. Rushing into an unprepared solution can end up costing up to 50% more than what you could afford to spend on the project. In fact, people who have a habit of rushing into new projects can end up generating a lot of debts. As you would notice from debtconsolidation.loans, the only way out of debts is to stop and think about your budget management. Stop and think, that’s the way to save money.

Thinking creates new solutions

Creativity and innovation are two skills that are highly demanded in professional and entertainment environments. While creative people’s brains are renowned for working differently, the only way they can come up with new ideas is by letting go of everyday stress and engaging the whole brain to tackle their new challenge. The creative process draws on the entire brain, which means that you can’t be working on anything else at the same time. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be active as you think. But it’s about allowing the brain to create. In fact, creative people have a special skill: They value their thinking time.

Acting first and thinking next has never been a positive approach. But maybe you didn’t know how it could impact your financial situation and your creative potential. When you get a new project, don’t rush into it. It’s not a race: You’ve got the right to sit down and think.

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