Friday, May 12, 2017

Tips To Bring Your Salads And Side Dishes To Life

The poor, humble salad is often an afterthought and left on the sidelines of the dinner table. It’s time to start treating your salads and side dishes with a little more respect and giving them some love and attention will benefit your mealtimes and fill you full of nutritious, delicious ingredients. The salad is an efficient way of packing a ton of vitamins onto your plate, ensuring you’re eating a well-balanced meal, that’s also full of flavor. A couple of lettuce leaves and a slice of tomato isn’t going to entice any diner anytime soon; nobody leaves Baby (gem lettuce) in the corner!

Dress To Impress

If your salad ingredients are a little basic (and you were unable to source magical fennel pollen), then don’t worry, it can still be a taste sensation, and the secret’s in the sauce. Adding a dressing to a mixed bowl of goodness can bring it to life, whether it’s a simple sauce using citrus and oil, or a creamier alternative, your dish will go from zero to hero in the shake of a cruet. And don’t forget that a sprinkle of nuts and seeds can add a textural crunch, as well as a tasty, earthy flavor. There are a plethora of delicious salad dressing recipes available online, so get your tablet out and start browsing.


Make It The Star Of The Show

Salads shouldn’t have to resign themselves to being just a side dish; it’s time to make them the central attraction and serve it up as the main meal. Your fridge might be full of vegetables, but you’ll end up feeling a little cheated if that’s all you’re eating for dinner; so add some protein. If you’re vegetarian; tofu, beans, and pulses are a marvelous way to incorporate a healthy portion of protein into your dish, and are often found in your cupboards (everyone has that tin of chickpeas waiting to shine).

A seafood salad is a speedy choice; as prawns take no time once they’ve hit the griddle or pan. You might not have fresh shrimp lying around (they wouldn’t stay fresh for long), so if you can’t face sourcing some after a long week at work, there are delivery options, so you’ll have some in your refrigerator for the next day. The addition of flavorful protein will ensure everyone at the table sees it as a main course, and your salad will be fulfilling its dream.

Keep It Sweet

This is where culinary creativity can happen; because there’s nothing better than unusual flavor combinations that are a match made in heaven. This does not mean you have to go and sprinkle candy over your spinach and pepper salad; it’s about finding tried and tested recipes to make until you have the confidence to start experiment (no jellybeans!). Dried fruit will work in harmony with those nuts you sprinkled on earlier and sliced strawberries want to elope with any balsamic vinegar based dressing, so take a look what’s out there here: and have some fun!


The perfect meal fills you up, tastes delectable, and packs a nutritious punch, so it’s good news that salad boasts all three on its resume; it’s time to get slicing.

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