Friday, May 26, 2017

Live Off Your Land? That's The Good Life

If you have a large enough garden, you might want to think about using it for more than just a private place to sit outside. Instead, you can develop it into a place where you can grow your own food and essentially live off the land. There are many advantages to this type of lifestyle. But before we get into that, there are a few questions that you’ll need to ask.
The first is what are you going to grow and produce. You might just stick to fruit and vegetables. But if you want to take things one step further, you could also keep livestock. Understandably, this will be more time-consuming and costly. But it might be worth it because the advantages of living off the land extend to every type of food that you can produce yourself.
No Chemicals, No Growth Hormones
It would amaze and shock you to learn the process that is currently used by farmers to produce vegetables, crops, and livestock. They use a mixture of chemicals and hormones to ensure that each grows as large as possible. If you’re buying your fruit and veg from a store, it’s very unlikely that it will have been grown naturally. There is even evidence to suggest that some organic-labeled produce still uses certain chemicals to boost the process.
Unfortunately, the effect that these chemicals and hormones have on our bodies are still unclear. Some people believe that the diseases that we see in animals like cows have been created due to the conditions that we keep them in and there is evidence to support this theory. As such, by growing your own food, you can guarantee that you are indeed, consuming natural produce.
Cheap And Cheerful
You might think that growing your own food is going to be expensive. In fact, it can be quite cheap. In the long run, it could certainly cost you less than buying from a superstore, and it can work as an investment. So, you might buy broiler chickens. A few chickens will lay enough eggs to keep you completely supplied. As such, you’ll never have to buy eggs again. Sure the chickens need feeding and looking after. But when it’s all added up, you’ll still be saving a fair amount of cash. Particularly, if you grow lots of your own produce. Vegetable seeds are certainly cheaper than buying the veg in the store.
It is quite satisfying to know that the food you’re eating wasn’t just prepared by you. It was grown too, and everything on your plate might have come from your garden. How wonderful would that be, knowing that you are no longer a slave to the supermarket? That’s what makes this the good life. It’s the complete freedom it brings you that means that you no longer have to rely on others to provide food. You can provide everything you need for your family yourself.

You’ll cut costs, get all natural food and have a truly wholesome meal on your dinner plate at the end of each day.

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