Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No More Counting Sheep: Simple Ways To Get Your Kid To Sleep

Bedtimes are always a bane of a mother’s existence. After all, the kids never want to go up to bed. After all, they are normally in the middle of a game or watching a movie. And the last thing they want to do is head to the land of nod. And when you do manage to get them upstairs, they often lay wide awake meaning you have to try and get them to sleep. And counting sheep often doesn’t do the trick for your hyper child! Therefore, here are some simple ways to get your kid to sleep at night.

Time for a bedtime story

A lot of moms are put off reading bedtime stories to their child as they think it will cause them to be wide awake. But reading can actually help to slow down the brain and get your kid ready for the land of nod. And if you are reading to your kid, they can lay down and will hopefully fall asleep while you read. And reading is often a great way to persuade your child to go to bed. After all, you can promise a chapter if they go to sleep after. And it can often give them the boost they need to head to sleep after you have finished reading!

Make the bed a cozy haven

Your kid’s bed can often be a top reason why your child isn’t slipping off into a deep slumber at night. After all, your child needs to be comfortable to enable them to go to sleep quickly. Therefore, you need to look at ways to make their bed more comfortable. For one thing, it might be time to replace the mattress. After all, over time it can become less supportive and might be causing your child to move around rather than slip off to sleep. Therefore, look at different options for your kid like a memory foam mattress to help them get to sleep quickly. Then you need to make sure they have a good duvet which is keeping them cozy. Then look at getting them some new pillows for their bed. After all, they need a supportive pillow which will keep their head comfortable when they lay against it in bed at night!

Adjust the lighting in the room

You also need to make sure that the lighting is not causing your child to have sleepless nights. For one thing, if your kid wants a light, you ought to put the hall light on to ensure their room isn’t in blackness. That way, they can drift off to sleep quickly if there is some form of light. And if you want to put a light in their bedroom, you might want to go for mood lighting. After all, this can relax them and soothe them to sleep. Also, you can get mood lighting with sounds to help them drift off. Additionally, a night light you can put in the corner of the room can be useful. It will help to light up the room without keeping their brain alert when it’s time for bed!

And remember a cup of milk or a warm bath are also both ideal for getting your kid in a sleepy mood!

What method do you use to get your kids to sleep? Comment down below!

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