Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Just Keep Swimming: How To Add Water To Your Decor

When you’re considering what exactly you should do with your living space, not enough people consider the calming effect that water can have on your home both outside and inside. Here are some ways that you can add water to your decor for a stylish, relaxing finish...

Clear Glass Container on Blue Wooden Table

Go For Artwork

Remember that you don’t have to go for huge water features and fountains inside your home to get inspired by water. Consider what it is about water that makes you feel calm and relaxed, and go with that. Maybe the ripples are something that you find soothing - in which case you could get a piece of art depicting them. If the colors of water are what you enjoy then why not let them inspire your color palette when you’re decorating? Go for pale shades of aqua for the walls, along with off white or grey for any brighter touches. Cooler shades like blue and light green are a whole lot more calming than darker ones.

Green Leaf Plant during Daytime

Add It To Your Outdoor Space

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space then a water feature would make a perfect addition to it. You don’t necessarily have to install a pool (although if you have the space, why not?) but small fountains provide pleasant rippling noises, which can make you feel happy and peaceful when you’re spending time outside, and small pools and ponds can attract local wildlife which will give you plenty to look at and observe when you’re outside. Just be aware that water features in your back yard may require some upkeep - pond paint will keep your pond looking bright and clean for even longer, along with regularly cleaning any debris out of it. If a big fountain or pond sound like too much for you, or if you have small children who are often out in your back yard so safety is a big concern for you, then why not go for a small bird bath instead? Not only will they appreciate it and flock to your back yard all through summer, but it’ll also turn into a great hobby for you too as you watch them and start to get used to all the different bird species that are coming to visit.

Gold Fish

Consider The Influence of Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art and practice of feng shui is all about balance, and adding water to your home should also bring a sensation of freedom and healing. You should be trying to let the water flow naturally, in order to let the energy in your home flow, so a small fountain, like a stream rippling gently onto some rocks or flat pebbles, should work perfectly. A small fish pond in your entrance would be stunning and incredibly effective if you have the space there, and would also send out calm, peaceful vibes to anyone entering your home. Fish are incredibly calming, so a small aquarium in your living space would also work very well - and you can teach your kids to be responsible by getting them to feed them.

Whats your idea of an ideal water decor? Comment down below.

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