Monday, April 24, 2017

How Would Long-Term Injury Impact Your Household?

Life can throw up some incredibly difficult situations for people - and they can happen at a moment’s notice. One minute you could be doing well in life, and the next you get hit by a bus, or fall ill with a serious injury, and end up impacting your life in a negative way.

There will be a lot of fallout after an injury of this magnitude on your household and family, and it’s important to understand some of the things you might go through. These things always seem to occur when you least expect it, but a little preparation can make the difference. Let’s take a look at how a severe injury could impact your household.


First and foremost, a severe injury to the primary earner or carer in your household is going to cause chaos with your finances. An emergency fund of around six months worth of salary can help, of course, but if an injury lasts longer than this - or is permanent - there will be a lot to deal with. Compensation might be available, of course - more on which in a moment - but when you take into consideration medical payments, legal fees, reduced income and everything else that goes along with an injury, it all adds up to a lot of money.

Compensation payments

If you do get compensation, it's important to remember that you have a long life ahead of you - and you will need to make it last. As this Prudential structured settlement review points out, it's possible to request for compensation money to be paid at different points in the future will benefit you more than a lump sum - which is often the case when you are out of work for a long time with an injury. It also means your payments will be more likely to happen. An employer responsible for your wounds, for example, may not be able to meet a large lump sum payment.

Psychological fallout

Severe injuries can be incredibly traumatic for everyone involved - not just the injured member of your family, but everyone else, too. It brings an added pressure to the environment, and it’s important that anyone who needs it gets help from a therapist of trauma specialist to help keep everyone on track. Even if there is no trauma, bad injuries can lead to severe levels of depression, arguments, and adds a lot of stress to the household. Again, it’s important to be able to find a space to talk about any psychological issues that are occurring because of the injury - or your family could suffer in more ways than one.


When a long-term injury occurs in a family, it often has to result in significant lifestyle changes. You might have to downsize your home or move to a specially adapted house. You might have to stop enjoying the finer things in life, consider new career ideas, and in some cases, you might even lose friends - although the benefits are that you will know who has your back when the chips are down. Change can often be inevitable in this situation, so if an injury occurs, you must be ready to consider your options.

That said, a serious injury doesn't have to be the end of a happy lifestyle or home life. While there will be many tough days ahead, and your finances could be tight, if you all pull together it is possible to face your days with positivity and hope. Good luck!


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