Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fun, Unique Touches To Bring Personality To Your Home!

Bored of the same old surroundings? Your home should be a place of comfort and happiness, if yours is tired and unappealing it’s time to make a change! Not only is your home your respite from the world, somewhere to retreat and recover after a stressful day but it should also make you feel happy and inspired. It’s a blank canvas to display the things you love and reflect your personality. If you’re fed up of looking at the same four walls, here’s how you can put your own unique spin on the space.


A Bold Piece of Furniture

Choosing classic, ‘safe’ pieces of furniture can be beneficial. They will work with any decor changes over the years, and won’t look dated when trends change. However, it’s worth having one piece of furniture in the room that you’ve chosen just because you love it- something that has a real impact! Maybe it’s an accent chair in a bold color or pattern, or maybe you could upcycle an old piece of furniture. This is good as it allows you to have fun without spending much. An old wooden side table or chest of drawers, for example, could be found cheap or free online, and you could repaint and change the hardware without spending much at all.

A Bright Accent Color

The trend for clean, neutral walls isn’t going away any time soon. If you’re going for this look, having a painting company come in and tackle the job will give the best results. When the walls are plain and neutral, what this means is that you have far more opportunity to have fun with your accessories, and choosing a bold statement color is a great way to go about this. If your walls are white or cream, for example, they’re not going to clash or make the room look OTT if you choose vibrant cushions, throws, curtains, and bedding. Go with a color you love, don’t hold back! It could be something bright like red or orange, something rich like purple or dark green or something a little lighter like blush pink or duck egg blue. Either way, it’s a surefire way to inject interest and personality into your home and dress up any blank canvas.

Statement Lighting

The lighting you choose can make a huge difference to the overall look of the room. What theme are you going for? Industrial chic would look fantastic with modern, angular metal designs with exposed filament bulbs. Glamorous or vintage styles would work well with a chandelier. When you’re planning your room design, don’t let the lighting be an afterthought.

A Large Plant

Having plants in the home is good for both mental and physical health, so is something you should aim to incorporate anyway. But from a style point of view, foliage looks fantastic. A large potted plant can make any dull or empty corner look interesting. Go with something large (dependent on the room you have) and dot around a couple of smaller varieties for good measure. Mini cacti in colorful pots look cheery and interesting, and unlike ornaments and trinkets are unfussy.

Having a home with a personality can be easily achieved. Take your pick and give it a try. Whats your favorite? Comment down below.

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