Friday, April 7, 2017

Could You Cope Without...?

How many things do you think you take for granted every day?

Not in the sense of emotionally and the people in your life. Instead, focus on the practical things. You probably take it for granted that when you flip a switch, you’re going to get electricity. You take it for granted that if you’re cold, you can put the heating on and soon be feeling like you’re on a tropical island basking in the heat. You take for granted the fact there will be food available if you run out of something at home.

Of course, these things - once such luxuries to the civilizations that came before us - feel pretty standard. They could even be considered human rights in the developed world. We are so used to them that it’s hard to imagine having to cope without them.

Well, that’s what we’re going to do. While you don’t have to go down the route of being an out-and-out prepper, there’s absolutely no harm to having some idea what you’d do if you suddenly woke up without those essentials you always thought you’d have. You might not be facing a doomsday scenario, but if it’s hot out and the air conditioner doesn’t work, you might have a melodramatic moment where you feel like it is. So, how do you think your household would cope without…

… Electricity?

One of the most common aftermaths you see of huge storms, hurricanes, and weather events, is that the power goes out. This isn’t just a simple blip on the grid that you can wait out; it’s often sustained power losses.

Even if the weather behaves itself, you can lose power to your home for a variety of reasons. A worker can drill through a cable; a fault can develop; or your old wiring can finally decide it’s time for retirement. So what would you do? Sure, you’d get in touch with electrician services to get you back on the grid as soon as possible - but what happens in the meantime?

It’s a sensible precaution to not rely on electricity too much. Keep a store of tinned foods and write down important numbers onto paper, rather than storing them on your phone. Speaking of, it makes sense to have a couple of phone chargers fully charged and ready to be deployed if required.

… Water?

Losing your water supply doesn’t sound too bad to begin with. Sure, it’d be a shame not to be able to shower at will, but it can’t be that bad and you’d get a plumber in before it…

… Hang on, your toilet uses water. Suddenly, the loss of such a vital supply seems more problematic than you first thought!

If you have the space, a camping toilet can be stored for use if the worst happens. Also consider stocking up on bottles of water; they’re relatively cheap if you go for own brand, and while you won’t be having a long, luxurious shower, they will help keep you clean!

What are the things that you cant live without? Comment down below!

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