Friday, April 28, 2017

3 Bathroom Decor Ideas That Will Leave You Amazed

Sick and tired of the same boring bathroom? I hear you, and so many other people hear you too. The bathroom is a room that can get outdated quickly and end up making your home look bad. So, I’ve come up with three bathroom decor ideas that you should consider:

Rustic Bathroom

There’s a very popular home decor trend of making your house look quite rustic. This means you get the look and feel of a country home in a house that could be slap bang in the middle of a busy city. There’s something comforting about rustic design too, and it’s no wonder so many people are renovating their home and changing it from contemporary to rustic. Of course, the trick is ensuring things look a little bit worn and rustic without them just seeming old and decrepit.

As far as a rustic bathroom goes, there are many different ways you can approach this from. As seen here, there are loads of rustic bathroom design ideas you can choose from. For me, it’s all about the accessories. A rustic bathroom is so different from a modern one mainly because of what it has in it. A rustic sink is very ‘out-there’ and made to look extremely vintage and antique while a modern one is a bit plain and goes unnoticed.

A huge part of every rustic bathroom is the presence of a bathtub. That’s right, you simply can’t design a rustic bathroom without a nice tub as the centerpiece. It should be big and have nice old-style taps and be the sort of bath you’d expect to see in a big old country home. Of course, it should match the sink and overall design of the room too.

Your rustic bathroom should do a good job of hiding any technology. Don’t include things like Bluetooth speakers that just look out of place there. However, something subtle like underfloor heating doesn’t impact the room visually, but it does bring something extra to it.

‘Hotel-Style’ Bathroom

The next decor idea on this list is to model your bathroom on typical styles seen in hotels. Now, it’s obvious that not all hotels have the same type of bathroom, but the majority have a few common features that you can use to make your ‘hotel-style’ bathroom.

First thing’s first, hardly any hotels will have baths in their bathroom. Typically, this is to use up less space but also there’s more chance of someone hurting themselves by slipping in a bath. So, the first thing you should do is get rid of your bath. Instead, replace it with a lovely shower cubicle or wet room. Again, these are very popular in hotels for space-saving reasons, but also because they look good and are impressive. Wet rooms, in particular, are very fancy and highly recommended.

Next, you’ll find something most hotels do is design their bathrooms to accommodate more than one person. After all, book a double room in a hotel, and you imply that you’re staying with someone else. So, one of the big features is the presence of two sinks on the bathroom vanity. This is something you should do in your home, it’s a very quirky idea, and the vanity becomes a real statement piece. As seen here there are plenty of double bathroom vanities out there that you can use. Along with this, hotels often have either one very large mirror or two mirrors in front of either sink.

Finally, every hotel bathroom has this one thing in common; they’re en-suite! This type of bathroom idea is perfect for an en-suite bathroom. The dual sinks make it more intimate, and a large wet room is perfect for the en-suite of a master bedroom.

Spa-Style Bathroom

The final bathroom decor idea I have for you is to make your bathroom feel like a spa. There are many reasons people choose to do this. For one, spa’s have a very minimalistic design that a lot of people want to achieve in their bathroom. They use a lot of whites and aim to create a calming atmosphere. This leads into point two which is that many people see their bathroom as a place to relax. Therefore, what better way to help you relax than by having a bathroom styled like a spa.

There are many things you can do to make your bathroom elicit this ‘spa-style’ look and feel. Firstly, as mentioned above, be very minimalistic. Don’t have crazy patterns on the walls or floor, you want it to be very simple. Use calming tones when choosing the colors too. White is obviously a good choice, but also things like pebble gray or an aquatic blue will work well too.

Then, think about some of the spa features that your bathroom can adopt too. A big bath is a must-have, and it’s even better if you can find a good looking jacuzzi bath too. If you’ve got the money and space, I highly suggest getting one of those baths that’s built into the room almost like a mini pool. Thinking more small-scale there’s another great feature you can bring to your bathroom and it's a small table. Have a small white table near the bath to place a folded up towel or a candle.You’ll be amazed at how this tiny gesture can make the whole bathroom change its style.

Finally, think about lighting. I like the idea of using electric candles dotted around the room to give that dim lighting. Also, lighting under/around the bath looks very cool and gives a calming effect as it can create shadows. What you don’t want is a big bright light that illuminates the whole room. Of course, you need a main light as you won’t always use your bathroom to relax in. But, I suggest this light is used with a dimmer switch to control the brightness.

All these ideas will bring unique styles to your bathroom and leave you (and everyone else) totally amazed.


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