Thursday, March 30, 2017

Making Your Home Party Friendly


If you’re the kind of person who loves to party and you’re always inviting friends and family around for barbecues, dinner parties, and impromptu potlucks, chances are you’ll want your home to reflect your personality and make it easier for you to entertain.

Making your home party friendly is a lot easier than you might think, and it doesn’t have to be all that expensive, as you can see from the ideas below:


Make it Spacious

All of the best parties have lots of people dancing, playing and having fun and this is only possible if your home is as spacious as it can be. Bear this in mind when buying furniture and choose less bulky items whenever you can. Of course, if that isn’t possible, you can always push your tables and chairs to one side when you need an impromptu dance floor to get down.


Speaking of tables and chairs, you’re going to want plenty of them (particularly chairs) so that your guests have somewhere comfy to sit down. This is particularly important if you’re more into dinner than dance parties. If you have a garage or shed, buy some low-cost plastic chairs that you can bring in whenever you have lots of company, but buy a nice dining set for those small intimate parties that require a touch of elegance, too.

Install a Sound System

There’s nothing worse than trying to dancer to tinny music that you can barely hear from one room to another, so install a decent wireless sound system for aural pleasure and a pumped up party.



Ever party household should have a box of accessories that they can pull out whenever they throw a party. Fairy lights, candles, Christmas decorations, balloons and other themed accessories to suit any occasion should be stored in this box and put up whenever an event is planned.

Remodel the Kitchen

If you are really serious about transforming your home into a great place to party, and you’re willing to splash the cash, kitchen remodeling could be a great idea. After all, the kitchen is party central. It’s where you keep the food and the booze, so people will always congregate there. Making your kitchen more spacious and fit for hosting will give you and your guests more room to maneuver and redecorating it will ensure you aren’t embarrassed to invite people in. A good kitchen remodeling job will also add value to your home, so it is really worth considering.


Add Some Appliances
There are some appliances, like ice machines, popcorn makers, hostess trolleys and beer fridges that make hosting a party even easier. Invest in them, and you’ll always be thought of as the perfect host amongst your friends and family.

With these adjustments to your home, every party you have is sure to be a big success. Of course, there’ll still be accidents from time to time; wine will be spilled, you’ll burn the entrée and your cousins will start a fight, but you’ll be able to remain cool, calm and under control knowing that your home is set up to help you be the perfect hostess.


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