Friday, March 17, 2017

It's More Than Just A Pallet

Over the years we have become more inventive around our homes.  Thanks to the internet and about three million DIY TV shows, we are getting experimental and exciting and this is reflected in our homes.  One area that has really taking the world by storm is Up-cycling.  This is more than just recycling something.  It is taking an object and then re-tasking it.  Giving it a new job.  This can result in a warehouse feel vibe or can give you something totally chic and cool.  You just need to have a little imagination.

One of the most versatile objects you can find, in abundance, is the humble pallet.  Used all over the world to ship and deliver items.  There are tons of these wooden gems all over the place.  Some still look as good as the day they were nailed together, others are slightly weathered, giving them an exciting array of texture and color.  They are perfect for up-cycling so we are going to give you a few cool ideas on what you can make.

Due to the fact they are completely flat and made to take a lot of weight, a collection of pallets make a great bed base.  You can either leave them bare or you could paint them white or bright colors.  They look particularly beautiful if you cover them with an ultra flat matte paint, such as Farrow & Ball.

Creating a bed base out of pallets means you can spend even more on your mattress which is going to serve you better than a $800 bed base ever will.  These mattresses from are a great place to start!

The overall look of a pallet bed means you need to have quite a modern design to the rest of your room.  You could incorporate some lighting in the natural spaces of the pallets which will give you an amazing feature and a gorgeous atmospheric glow from under the bed.  It’s a really cool way of up-cycling this simple product.

Heading down into the living room, one man’s trash really can become another’s treasure. Leave the wood in its natural state, perhaps using sandpaper to take off any  rough edges which could give you splinters.  You could even put a clear varnish on the pallet to ensure it keeps it’s beautiful finish.  Add 4 industrial casters to the underneath of your table and then place a bespoke made glass panel on the top.  The lovely thing about pallets is they come with a neat shelf between the top and the bottom. Meaning you can place books or plates, to display them neatly.  Look at these cute paperweights perfect for adding a little detail to your new coffee table.

If you really want to take your up-cycling to the next level then you have to start pulling your pallet apart.  If you have found a large plank pallet which has really weathered, you could remove the wood and create a gorgeous set of frames.  Using a larger one to house a mirror then styling it out by creating some matching photo frames.  You might need a little help to join the corners, especially if you like a really minimalist look, however if you like the natural feel then you simply need to glue the pieces together.  If you don’t have an old pallet then new wood is fine, you could paint it or use a wood stain to give it a better finish.

Another use is to create a cute shelving unit.  You may have to join some planks together to create a shelf which is big enough to hold your books so it might be useful to find a local carpenter to do that for you.  You probably won’t want to be using a pallet shelf to hold anything too heavy, unless you are pretty skilled and understand a little about engineering.  However a cute selection of shelves with a few pretty pieces on and perhaps some fairy lights, will give you a gorgeous feature.

Finally, creating your own wine rack is pretty simple and with a few small changes you could have a brilliant tower to display all your favorite wines, beers or spirits.  Making it yourself means you can custom fit certain bottles too, this could give a really awesome twist to the normal wine storage solutions. You could even make it so it fits inside one of your cupboards, or under your stairs.

U-pcycling is a fantastic way of reusing wasted items and creating something usable out of them.  It is great for the environment and will also help you save money!

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