Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fancify Your Floors With Four Fab Fixes!

When upgrading areas in the home, it can be tough to know where to start. Do you start by stripping back the walls and giving them a lick of paint? Do you start by replacing the furniture? Home renovations can be a minefield but really, it makes sense to start from the ground up. That means starting with the floors of the home, whether you have carpet or wooden floors they can always do with a decent update.

Flooring can be the trickiest part of the house to upgrade if you’re doing it alone. You need to research the types of flooring you can have in each room in the first instance. For example, you very likely wouldn’t have carpeted floors in the bathroom or kitchen due to spillage. It’s just not practical. There are different types of carpet that can be used for different rooms, and there are also different types of wood. Knowing what you want for each room should be the first thing you note down, as your budget will next dictate what you spend for each floor upgrade. With these fantastic tips, you can make your floors as fancy as can be – and the fixes are so simple you’ll be laughing!

  1. Wooden floors often require a lot of thought. Hopefully you’ve heard of it, but reclaimed wood is the hottest flooring trend around right now. A touch of vintage in a modern home, you can grab your reclaimed wood anywhere you like from old pallets to old gym floors. Ensuring the wood that you lay down is properly treated and protected with treatments like pure Tung oil wood finish & protection means you give your floor a tough, hard finish waterproof enough to eat from!
  2. Carpeted flooring tends to be the easiest flooring option and upgrading your tired, trodden-down carpet for a thick pile can be a treat for the toes. It makes sense to have a thicker pile for bedrooms and living room rugs rather than for floor areas that have high traffic. The more tread the carpet sees, the flatter it will be so always keep hallway carpets a little tougher than other areas in the house.
  3. Vinyl flooring is an up and comer that is taking over the world of linoleum. Upgrading those tired lino floors to vinyl means you are choosing both practical and attractive rather than one of those options. Slip resistant, vinyl flooring can come in a variety of colors and patterns, meaning what you buy for your kitchen can be vastly different from what you install in the bathroom. The warmer touch underfoot means you won’t be running on your toes across the bathroom on those cold winter mornings!
  4. Ceramic tiling has always been a classic choice for flooring, seeing as they were produced en masse in the Victorian era. If you love the feel and low maintenance of ceramic tiles, you’ll love the fact you get can them in a wood effect. A variety of colors, these tiles can give you the look of wooden flooring but with the price tag and feel of ceramics. Clever!
Upgrading the floors in your home is a big job, always get some advice from a professional before going it alone and make smart choices to get the best from each room.

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