Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Don’t Break the Bank to Have a Family Vacation

Vacations can be expensive, especially when you have kids. Many of the resorts and destinations that are the most child-friendly are more expensive, and they have all manner of extras to tempt the children and stop you from having a relaxing time away. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. It is perfectly possible to have a fun, relaxing family vacation. Here are some top tips for cheaper family vacations:

Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to find affordable flights and accommodation. So, once you and the rest of the family have decided on a place to visit, make friends with Google and look for the best discounts and offers available to families before you book.

Speak to the Kids

If you want to avoid constant cries of “Can I have..?” and “Can I do..?” before you set off on your trip, speak to the kids and let them know that this trip is costing you a considerable sum already and that in order to afford the vacation, and to be able to have some of the most exciting experiences while they’re away, they may have to miss out on other things. Most children, when this is explained to them, will be less likely to throw a tantrum when they don’t always get their own way.


Consider Camping

If you want to really save money on the cost of family vacations, you should consider investing in a family tent. Once you find out more about family camping tents, and just how comfortable they can actually be, not to mention just how cheaply they can be acquired, you will soon see the potential of taking the kids camping instead of staying in hotels. As well as saving money on the cost of accommodation, you’ll also save money on vacation activities, because just spending time in nature hiking and playing will be all the entertainment you need.


If you’re not camping, try to book self-catering accommodation, where you will have access to your own kitchen. That way, you can whip up cheap family meals instead of having to pay more to eat out or take meals at the restaurant, which is more expensive. If you have access to a kitchen, you can even make picnic lunches, so you don’t have to resort to fast food when you’re out and about during the day.

Visit Free Attractions

Most cities have a mix of free and paid-for attractions, which means that you can save a lot of money by mixing both. If there is a paid for museum or attraction, such as an amusement park, that you really want to visit do, but then try to go to a few free events the next day and overall you should spend significantly less without having to curb your enjoyment.

Hire a Rental Car

In most cases, hiring a rental car will work out cheaper than having to pay for public transport for the whole family, so unless you’re staying at a resort where everything is provided, and you won’t need to travel much, hire a rental car and make some savings.

How do you save money when vacationing with the family?

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