Friday, March 24, 2017

Doll Up Your Kitchen And Make It More Livable

If you use your kitchen a lot, you’ll be intimately familiar with the fact that it isn’t always an ideal space to cook your meals. No matter how good your organization, the actual implement you need always seems irritatingly out of reach. Here are some ways to make your kitchen more livable.

Create More Counter Space

Before you move into a new kitchen, it always seems as if there is plenty of counter space. But once you put a microwave, a toaster, a drying rack, a kettle and your coffee machine on the side, there isn’t always much space left over.

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There is a good solution, though, if you’ve got the space. Just install an island complete with built-in butcher block and hob. With the addition of an island, you’ll free up space for all the stuff you need and still have space left over.

Install A Pantry

Most people don’t have a pantry. Instead, they store all their durable food in cupboards. While this might seem like a good compromise, cupboards rarely provide enough space. Worse still, it’s difficult to organize food when it all has to be crammed into a cuboid space without dividers.

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The reason the wealthy invented kitchen pantries in the past was precisely because they wanted them to stay clutter-free. They needed a kind of closet in which they could both store and organize all sorts of different foodstuffs, especially spices.

Get An Aerated Tap

Old-fashioned taps didn’t come with an aerator to inject little bubbles of air into the flow of water. This meant that people had to use a lot more water just to get the same coverage when washing vegetables or doing the dishes.

Aerated taps not only look good, but once they’ve been installed by a plumber can also save you a lot of money. The average aerated faucet costs about 40 percent less than it’s non-aerated brethren.

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Set Up New Lighting Fixtures

The last thing you want to be doing in your kitchen is chopping under low light. As a result, many people are now installing miniature lights under their cabinets so that they can see what they’re doing. Others are putting lights underneath wall sconces or even hanging lamps from the ceiling to about two feet above their island or breakfast bar. Most showroom kitchens use multiple sources of lighting to look their best, including lighting from the ceiling as well as from under the cabinets themselves.

Reface The Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry can easily destroy the atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen by looking cheap and ugly. But replacing it can be very expensive indeed. (Who know wood could be so pricey?)

Fortunately, there is another option: replacing the front of the cabinets with new fittings. All this involves is taking the old facing off and putting new facing on. As a result, it’s much cheaper than pulling all the cabinets out and starting again. Some people take off the doors of their cabinets and fit them with glass panels.

These are just some ways on how you can make your kitchen more inviting and livable. If you use your kitchen a lot, you should definitely give some of this tips a try and you will not regret it. Whats your favorite gadget in your kitchen? Comment down below!

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