Monday, March 20, 2017

Cheap Home Renovations Cost You More

There’s no doubt that house renovations are expensive. You find yourself trying to achieve the home look of your dreams and, before long, you’re contemplating if you have time for a second job so you can raise the income you need.

It’s not long before the buzz begins in the back of your mind. It starts with being careful with money. You don’t make any sudden purchases, you plan and budget and you think you’re being sensible. And you are.

Then the cost-cutting goes up a notch.

You’re no longer being careful - you’re verging on being too tight with cash. You begin cutting corners. What starts with opting for the unbranded products instead of brand names progresses to trying at-home recipes for caulk, or wondering if you can mix two tins of paint together to get a different color that’d be too expensive to purchase on its own.

The result? Your project is a mess, because you’ve trimmed so many corners that you’ve got nothing left in the middle.

So rather than invest time and effort into a project that ends up being a disappointment, follow a few simple ideas on where and how you can save cash on your project - and where it’s going to cost you to be cheap.


You might think that going to the recognized suppliers like Bryson Products Ltd is going to always cost more. We are trained to think of big, branded stores and suppliers as not always being the best price - but it’s a habit you have to shake yourself out of.

A big store doesn’t mean an expensive store unless it chooses to be so. The bigger the company, the better rates they tend to be able to buy their product line for. The saving is passed onto the customer in most circumstances. So don’t think by opting for a random seller you find online that it’s going to be the best price.

And remember: if a product doesn’t work out, a big chain supplier is going to have a more robust returns policy.


Unbranded or own-brand is not a bad way to go if you’re looking to save money. If possible, looks for reviews on items from trade customers, not DIYers. Most will identify themselves in the comments (“as a plumber, I use a lot of…”) and their opinion is more valuable. They use these products day-in-day-out, not on an occasional basis.

Don’t think by buying the leading brand you’re going to get the best results - it doesn’t always work out that way.


Do no more than you can manage. If you have to live with some DIY mess for awhile while you put together the funds for the next step, then so be it. It’s far better to do the process correctly than trying to hurry through to a finish.

It’s also a good idea to write down all the products you are going to need for a project and then scan websites on a weekly basis to look for sale or discount offers. Make sure you’re signed up for store email lists, too - they tend to have discount codes every so often, which can lower your cost substantially.

Renovating your home on your own might be a big task to tackle. Doing it slowly and the right way will definitely keep the cost lower because there are a few room for mistakes. Whats your next DiY home renovation project? Comment down below.

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