Monday, March 27, 2017

Bedroom Blues

As it is a room that you spend a third of your life in, your bedroom should definitely make you happy. But too many folks settle for second best and allow their bedroom to make them feel blue. But you can stop the bedroom blues by following the tips outlined below.

Keep it tidy

One of the biggest reasons that your bedroom could be stressing you out or making you sad is that it is an unorganized mess. How can you use it as a calm oasis for rest and sleep, if there are shelves of books, stacks of boxes, and piles of laundry in the corner?

Well, the simple answer is that you just can't. The two situations are mutually exclusive! That is why you have to take your bedroom clutter organization in hand.

Simply putting the thing away might not be enough, though. As in some cases, it may be that there is just too much stuff to keep on top of. That is when you need to rely on a minimalist philosophy to slim down your possessions.


Take each item and ask, do you need it? Do you love it, and does it fit in with the decor of the room? If not get rid of it completely.

Choose quality over quantity

Something else that you can do to stop your bedroom being a depressing space is to use discretion when purchasing the furniture and bed.

Are you trying to fill the rooms with a full suite at a knockdown price? Stop!  Instead, why not pick one or two quality items of furniture for sale, that you absolutely love, and that are built to last?


These are going to be a much better investment for the long term and are guaranteed to bring you more joy than a cheap flat pack set.

Carpet those floors

One reason in particular that folks can get cross with their bedrooms is the temperature. No one wants to relax in a space that is really cold.

You can deal with this, in part by making your bedroom warm and more comfortable by carpeting the floor.

Not only does this provide soft, warm layers for your feet to rest on when you get out of bed early in the morning. But it also helps to keep the heat in the room making it a little less costly to maintain the temperature that you prefer.


A restful positive color

As in all room decoration, the colors that you choose are pretty vital to the mood of the room. In the bedroom, you are looking to create a positive but restful vibe, so blues, grays, and greens, in particular, can work really well.

Just remember to pick ones that you relate positively to. For example, if your room is a little on the bright side, then a darker shade making it cozier, would be better.

Luxe fabrics

Lastly, a great way of avoiding the bedroom blues is to pick out luxe fabrics. With the intention of making your experience in that room as snuggly and comfortable as possible.


Try boucles blankets, faux furs, and cashmere throws. Which are all excellent choices that can be bought in a range of colors to match in with the decor of your room.

Whats your favorite item in your bedroom? Comment down below.

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