Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You, Me And Omega 3

There is a pretty outdated view that fats are bad for you.  It’s rubbish, you need to ignore it.  Processed fats are bad for you.  The fat dripping off a kebab is bad for you.  Artificial butter spreads are bad for you.  However we actually need fat in our diet, it just needs to be the right kind.

We’re talking Omega 3 here, found in variety of sources and incredibly important as part of our diet.  Because fat is such a red zone area this nutrient has been studied more than any other and that has revealed some pretty amazing scientific facts.

Firstly we hear about omega 3 mostly because of the incredible benefit it has on our hearts.  Lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of blood clots, raising your HDL cholesterol (that’s the good kind) and keeping your arteries clear of plaque and other damaging nasties.  However it is also incredible for your eye health, can help fight depression and improve the lives of children suffering with ADHD.  

The list goes on, it is proved to have more chance than lentil and pulses on reducing your risk of getting cancer, decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s, reduces the severity of asthma and of course is very good for your joints and bones.  Omega 3 is a true hero when it comes to our health.  So, how do you get enough of it and once you do? How do you even more.

Fish, Olive oil, Avocado and various nuts are the go to favorites for packing yourself full of Omega 3 fatty acids, it if you combine these into a healthy balanced diet then you will start to reap the benefits.  If you don’t have a good fish counter at your local shop, find a fishmonger or better still go straight to source and find a fisherman that offers seafood delivery this means you get better quality and cut out the middleman.  

Fish is fab because it cooks so quickly meaning you can turn a meal round in the same time it takes to cook a ready meal in the oven.  Check this out for a super quick, high flavored healthy dinner

Simply take two handfuls of fresh shrimp and prep them (remove tails, shells and any yucky parts) Then mix a tablespoon of tomato puree, 2 teaspoons of honey, dried chili flakes, soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl.  Pop your shrimp in and let them absorb some flavor.  Throw a finely sliced onion into the oven on gas mark 6 and give the onion just enough time to soften, 15 minutes ought to do this.  In a wok, or large pan, add a little drizzle of olive oil (more omega 3!) and add the onions.  After a couple of minutes throw in your prawns and all the sauce.  Boil up some quick cook noodles then transfer, with a little of the water, into your prawn pan.  Stir fry for 2 minutes then serve.  For added Omega 3, dress a little avocado salad on the side.

Bon Appetit!

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