Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Little Things That Make A Home Come To Life

There’s always something you can do to help make your house feel a little bit more like a home, whether you’ve lived there for a few weeks or a few decades. Homes are more than just the bricks and mortar from which they are constructed: they’re full of memories and conversations that we’ve had with the people we love.

How we use our personal space is, therefore, important. Here are some of the little things that help make a home come to life.

Personal Pictures

Having personal snaps around the house is an excellent way to help a home come to life. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

You could have pictures of the last time your family went on holiday, or you could remember significant events in your life, like your wedding or when you graduated from college.  If you can, try to tell a story with the pictures that you use and remind yourself how far you’ve come. Baby pictures are always a winner.

Stuff You’ve Collected While Travelling

The ancients used to bring home exotic jewelry from far off lands and keep it in their huts. Many of us have the same impulse today. Every time we go abroad we want to bring back some physical memento to remind us of our adventure. Whether it’s beer mats from Barcelona or jewelry from Berlin, there’s always something that captures our attention and comes home with us.

Items from your travels are a great way to spice up the culture of your home and make great talking points when you’ve got friends over for dinner.

Hand-Me-Down Furniture

Hand-me-down furniture is a great way to save money, especially since the price of furniture these days is so high. Plus, you can always say that it’s “vintage” - after all, vintage interiors are in fashion right now. Old furniture is like a piece of history right there in your own home with its own story to tell.

Remember, there’s nothing to stop you from refurbishing old furniture with new drawer slides or a fresh lick of varnish to bring it up to date and make it more convenient.

A Bookshelf

A few years ago it looked as if the whole world would move over to e-books. And although this has happened to some extent, the pace of change hasn’t been as fast as some people imagined. The reason for this is that people still love to give each other physical books for gifts. Because of this, bookshelves are still a thing - and thank goodness. Bookshelves make a beautiful addition to any room if done right. They can be mixed with ornaments and flower pots to create a great backdrop and cover up bare walls. Books can also be piled on top of coffee tables as ornaments to make your home look more studious.

A Spice Rack

Great food always tastes better with the right spices. But many people just shove their oregano and cumin in the cupboard. Kitchens immediately come to life when spice racks are on display.

Its all about the details and with this simple ways you can definitely bring more life to your home. What are your tips on how to make your home come to life? Comment down below.

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