Monday, February 6, 2017

Telltale Signs That Your Home No Longer Works For You

As we get older and our family grows, a house that once seemed perfect might no longer fit the bill. Sure you can undertake renovations, but these can be pricey and living on a building site while they’re completed isn’t exactly ideal. Plus, some homes can have ‘ceiling prices’ meaning regardless of the upgrades you make, it’s only ever going to fetch a certain price when you come to sell it. And who wants to invest thousands into a property and get no return on it? Sometimes the best chance is to move to pastures new, to a new home which better suits your needs. Here are a few telltale signs that it’s time to start considering a move.

You’ve Decluttered, And There’s Still Not Enough Storage Space

Enough storage space is so important. It allows you to stay organized and store things efficiently. It also frees up much-needed space in the rooms themselves. Once you run out of storage things can become a problem; items start overflowing into rooms and everywhere looks chaotic and cluttered. Often you can sort out the problem of storage by having a big declutter when you’re no longer holding onto items you don’t need it frees up space for the things that you do. But if you’ve got rid of everything you can and it’s still a problem then you have a bigger issue on your hands. This can happen as you have kids or other family members move into the home perhaps due to care reasons. That box bedroom might have been fine for guests, but as soon as someone tries living out of it there’s not going to be a whole lot of space!


You Need More Bedrooms

Another issue that many families face is a lack of bedrooms. When your children were young, they were probably fine with sharing a room, but as they grow older conflicts can arise. Maybe you have had another baby, again a shortage of rooms poses a huge issue. Perhaps you have started a business from home or began working as a blogger, freelancer or other home-based self-employed area. In this case, you’re more than likely going to need your own home office. Unless you’re prepared to invest in an expensive extension, it’s time to call up some professional movers and get yourself somewhere bigger!

You’re Fed Up Of Daily Arguments Over The Bathroom

When it was just you and your partner, you probably managed the bathroom between yourselves just fine. But add more people into the mix, all trying to get ready in the morning and it’s chaos waiting to happen! Having another bathroom installed is one option, but depending on where your main plumbing is located it can be an expensive solution. And if your room is already very small, taking a chunk out to have even a small en-suite installed might not be an option.


A Cramped Kitchen Means Cooking Is Stressful

Older houses tend to have smaller kitchens. They were built this way as it reflects the entertaining style at the time. Kitchens were seen as more of the ‘backstage’ area and were smaller and enclosed with an emphasis on a bigger living and dining space. These days the dining style is much more casual, and the trend is for larger and open kitchens. These also make it much easier to work around and cook in and give you space for storage as well as all the modern appliances that we all have. If your kitchen is small and cramped, chances are cooking is a hassle. You could re-jig the layout and have a new larger kitchen installed, but again this is incredibly expensive. Moving somewhere that already has the space and layout you need can be a better option, especially if you already need a bigger house with more rooms.

Here are just some signs that your home no longer works for you. Consider this signs if you feel uncomfortable in your own home and maybe its time to re-evaluate.


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