Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Moving House? Here's How To Be A Model New Neighbor


You've been so focused on packing up your possessions, making sure the movers don't forget anything and learning the route to your new house that you may have forgotten you're leaving. For most people, the realization that they no longer know who lives next door can be somewhat an unnerving one because what if there's an emergency?


Introduce Yourself

Don't let the grass grow! As soon as you're done unpacking it's time to unleash your inner Bree Vreeland, whip up a delicious batch of homemade muffins, or cookies and get to ringing your neighbor's doorbells! In reality, unless you live on Wisteria Lane this isn't going to happen, but you should smile when you see them, say hello if they walk past you in them in the street or invite them in for a cup of coffee if you've struck up a natural conversation. People will be much more likely to include you in block parties, summer BBQ's and even Christmas caroling if you're immediately friendly.

Join Local Schemes

Plenty of neighborhoods have local groups or neighborhood watch schemes that welcome new members. Not only is joining one an excellent way to get a feel for the community, but it’ll also show people living nearby that you're eager to do your bit. They'll warm to you once they see you're making an effort and invites to pub quizzes, pot lunch dinners and even Sunday brunch should start to trickle in. Don't try to integrate yourself too quickly mind; people may be suspicious of someone who seems too willing to help and almost desperate for friends. Why not see if there are signs up with other homes for sale? Or see if any have been sold recently? It won't be nearly as intimidating to knock on the door of a fellow newbie instead of a longtime resident.


Don't Have A Problem Pet

Keep your animals under control at all times and don't let your dog dig holes in other people's gardens by having lax security. If your dog's barking particularly loudly one day, you may want to consider removing it to the other side of the house where your neighbors as less likely to hear it. Better still take them for a lovely, long walk that'll tire them out so they won't make any loud noise. Once you've met a few people, some might tell you they're not overly fond of cats or are scared of dogs. When walking them in public always keep your pet on a leash. If your dog requires one, then use his muzzle and never let him bark loudly, jump up and down or put his front paws on a stranger. If it does happen, apologize and quickly remove your dog from their presence.


Maintain Your Property

You're much more likely to have people stop, smile and chat if your home and garden looks lovely. Neighbors will be pleased that you want to maintain the standards they've set be it by painting your fence, regularly mowing your lawn or keeping rubbish and recycling in their correct containers. Remember, you could surround yourselves with lifelong friends, or bitter enemies and we know which ones we'd rather choose.

Here are just some ways to be a model new neighbor. What are your experiences when you moved to a new home? Comment down below.

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