Saturday, February 4, 2017

How You Can Become A Super Host In Four Easy Steps

It's safe to say that some of us simply have a natural need to nurture inside of us. Maybe you have always been the 'mother of the group' and you love looking after other people and doing nice things for them. As we get older, many of us use this ability the way it was designed and put all our energy into a child of our own. But being a naturally caring person doesn't just manifest itself in motherhood - it can also be very closely linked to doing good things for your friends and family. One way to do this is by being a really good host. After all, there's nothing quite like catching up with those you love after not seeing them for a long time. If your loved ones are coming from a long way away, they are probably going to stay over at your place. Even if they insist on getting a hotel, you should always offer them a place to stay - after all, they are the ones who have made the journey! But if they do take you up on that offer, you need to be prepared to pull out all the stops as a host to give them a good experience. Just because you are family or an old friend doesn't mean you can cut corners - make the most of your caring nature by looking after your guests just as a hotel or bed and breakfast would. Not only will they probably return the favor at some point, but it can be incredibly rewarding too. Here are some ways you can up your hosting game to give your loved ones a trip to remember.

Give them a warm welcome

First impressions are very important, even to people we know. If your family or friends have driven a long way to get to you (or if they have gotten a flight) they are going to want somewhere relaxing they can kick back in. If you are still running round like a mad woman when they arrive, or worse if you are still at work when they arrive, it shows that you have not prepared properly and they may feel awkward. Just as you wouldn't expect to find dirty bed sheets and a half-eaten dinner on the table at a hotel, make sure the place is spotless before you guests arrive! It can also be worth putting in some effort to create a pleasant ambiance for when they come through the door - dimming your lamps, lighting some candles and putting the kettle on. After hours of travelling all your guests will want to do is curling up somewhere clean with a hot mug of tea, so providing all this shows that you have thought about them.

Make room for everyone

Hosting multiple people at once isn't the easiest of tasks, especially if your house is slightly lacking in the space department. But there are ways around this, especially if you start thinking outside the box a little! Re-arranging furniture is probably the best place to start, as is temporarily getting rid of anything you don't need. For example, do you really need that bulky ottoman, or is it simply taking up valuable floor space? If the answer to the latter is yes, do everyone a favor and move it into the attic or basement while your guests are here. Seating is nearly always an issue when it comes to having a full house, and it's not as if any of us can simply magic a new couch right out of thin air. But something you can do is to invest in alternative seating instead, such as bean bags. Easy to maneuver and comfortable to boot, they are a great option for if you are trying to squeeze ten people into your tiny living room. You can  search Fombag for more information and to browse different styles and sizes.

Explain any household problems straight away

If you have lived in your property for some time, you will know the place inside out - including all its little quirks. For example, you may have a particularly loud and squeaky floorboard, or maybe a certain technique is required to successfully lock the bathroom door. Your guests, however, won't know any of this - and although it may be second nature to you, you need to tell them all these things before they settle in. After all, no one wants to panic when their niece gets stuck in the bathroom for hours! Serve them up a hot drink when they arrive and briefly cover all your home's quirks first thing, so you can get all the boring things out of the way and start to enjoy each other's company.

Make an effort with their bedrooms

Your spare bedroom might be redundant 90% of the time, but when you have guests over it has a chance to truly come into its own. Firstly, make sure they have clean, fresh bedding and access to clean towels - these are the most basic things you would expect in a hotel, so by all means provide the same in your own home. Then it's all about the little extras. Ensure that every bedroom has a bedside lamp in case your guests want to read a book during the evening, and make sure the bedroom furniture is not blocking any power sockets. Always check that the curtains or blinds are working well enough to block out light, as the last thing your guests want is disturbed sleep while they are visiting you. On a similar note, if you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood, provide each guest with a couple of sets of ear plugs when they arrive. These don't tend to be things that most people think to bring with them, so you could be doing them a huge favor by providing them. Caring for your guests can be enjoyable and rewarding when you see just how much they enjoyed staying with you.

Here are just some of the ways on how you can be an amazing host! What are your tips for being an effective host? Comment down below.


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