Monday, February 27, 2017

How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Living Room

Does your living room feel like it’s in need of a bit of a touch up? If you’re bored with the style and feel like it needs an upgrade, here’s how you can revive your living space, the easy way.

Shut Up

Shutters make for a timeless addition to any home. If you’ve got a bay window, a nice set of shutters will complement them perfectly. Not only are they more durable than curtains and blinds, but they make much more of a statement too. They are also excellent for keeping in  the heat during winter. There are so many places to browse for shutters online, or you could visit a local blinds and shutters store.


Get Accessorizing

Home decor is the easiest way to add a touch of luxury to your home. There are many ways to get creative, from decorative cushions, to ornate gilded picture frames and mirrors. Antique shops are great for finding unique pieces. To enhance old furniture, replace the knobs with more eye-catching styles. This idea is perfect for doors and cabinets.

Play With Textures

To get a real sense of luxury living, a good idea is to experiment with rich textures and fabrics. Get creative with wall coverings, throws and detailed rugs. Not only will it make your living room feel cosier, it will also make it more visually striking. Play with different colors to help give your living space a vibrant finish. Suede and faux leather are great ways to introduce luxurious textures to your home.

Show Them the Door

When it comes to making over the home, doors can sometimes get overlooked. In actual fact, a quality, well made door can add a real sense of refinement. It can be the icing on the cake to complete a room. Doors can come in a variety of designs, from glass insets to high quality bi-fold doors. Traditional rich oak doors are timeless, but glass panel doors help to attract light and create a modern finish.

Go Bespoke

Bespoke furniture is a definite worthy investment for adding long lasting glamor to the home. Invest in a stylish show piece and make it the focal point of your room. It doesn’t get better than a quality, hand crafted custom built couch, made with your exact specifications. It’s a design that’s completely unique to you and makes the room stand out. Have fun with bespoke storage, adding your own touch with refined glossy finishes and plush fabrics.

Add a Finishing Touch

Make sure your personality shines through into your living space, with your own personal finishing touch. Whether it’s with an ornate vase bought from a flea market, or some interesting artwork. Why not take on a DIY project and make your own frame to go with it. There are so many ways to inject your own creative vision. Even if it’s a vase with flowers from your garden, a bouquet that you made yourself will make more of a statement.

A luxurious living room does give your guests and your family a nice feel when lounging. Whats your favorite? Comment down below!

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