Monday, February 6, 2017

A Mega Home On A Minimal Budget

Let be honest, it can be so easy to splurge all of your cash on nice things for your house. There is always some sort of accessory, or renovation or gadget to pay for. But if you are sensible with your purchase you don't have to bankrupt yourself to get the perfect pad. Read on to find out more.


Smart Hubs

So for many folks, the next major home item that they will be considering investing is a home hub. This is an internet enabled a device that allows you to control various aspects of your home all from one single point or your mobile phone.

With a home hub, you can combine a voice sensor music player, along with a personal assistant. That can then control your lights, home temperature, and other smart enabled features.

So you would expect these things to be super expensive right? Well, they are actually coming down at a price now, because they are being produced for the mass market. You can get mini, cheaper versions of a lot of the systems available. Or you can just work your smart tech through your phone, so you just pay the price of the items themselves like these smart energy meters.


Furniture is something that can cost an actual fortune! Even the cheaper stuff can seem pricey if money is tight. So what is the best way to approach this problem?

Well, although styles change rapidly nowadays, it is best to pick items that have a lot of use in them. That means you will need to have a cohesive view of what style you do and don't like because they will be with you for a good while.


Invest in quality pieces! That means ditch the flat pack and go for some good solid craftsmanship. Buying pre-loved can help you get better quality items for a smaller price. But remember the older its gets, the more expensive it will be. As it will start to fall into antique territory.


Something else that is definitely worth getting for a mega comfortable and luxurious home is proper insulation. A lot of people balk at the price of doing this, but it actually pays for itself after a few years. See articles like this one on Isotherm insulation price for reference.  

The insulation makes the home much more energy efficient, so you use less fuel in heating it. It also means you can get rid of ugly space heaters and portable fires too, which is never a bad thing!


Of course, having the right textile is something that you will want in your living space. You will want the fabrics like curtains, and bedspread that you have in your home to be comfortable and look amazing. But luxe fabric can be super expensive!


Save money by heading to the sales to get your textiles, but remember to take your measurements with you, so you don't come back with the wrong size! Or look online for vouchers or special offers that reduce the cost of these items, so you can still get quality without breaking the bank.

Having a mega home should not cost a fortune and these are just some ways on how you can achieve a great looking and comfortable home.

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