Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tips to Effortlessly Keep Your Home Clean


If you’re less of a domestic goddess and more of a domestic good, fear not! Keeping your home clean and tidy does not have to be a drag. There are lots of tips you can use to keep on top of your housework without feeling you’re chained to the kitchen sink. So, if you want to live in a home you’re proud of, read on.

Do a Little a Lot

They key to keeping your home clean is to do a little bit at a time. It is much easier to do a few minutes of cleaning here and there than it is to try and tackle the entirety of your chore list in one day.

Ditch the Excess

De-cluttering is De-rigueur at the moment, but it’s more than just a fad. De-cluttering is a great way to give yourself more space without having to move to a bigger property, but more importantly, it will cut the amount of thing you have to dust, clean and generally look after in your home.

Don’t Let Things Build Up

As soon as you’re done eating, wash the dishes, instead of letting them fester. Have you ever noticed that the longer you leave the dishes, the more of them there are in the kitchen when you finally come to clean them? That’s because if an area is already untidy, it feels like a license to add to the chaos and given the opportunity that is exactly what most people will do.

Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

If you have carpet, look into the best vacuum for carpet and if you have hardwood floors, so your research on the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Having the right vacuum on hand will make the job simpler, quicker and more effective. Portable, lightweight cleaners are particularly good because you can carry them from room to room more easily than older, bulkier models.

Stock up on Cleaning Products

Whether you prefer to use natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda, or you’re sold on the pre-packaged solutions that promise to kill germs on contact, it is always a good idea to have a cupboard filled with cleaning solutions, so that you always have them to hand when you need them. By doing this, you are less likely to leave mess until it becomes such a huge problem that you’re reluctant to tackle it.

Get Help

If you really, truly despise cleaning your home and you find it hard to make time for housework with all the other things you have to do, there is nothing wrong with getting other people involved in the process. If you have children, you could offer them the opportunity to earn some money by tackling a few chores, or if you have the money to spare, you could even consider hiring a cleaner to help you out. Even bringing a cleaner in to do a deep clean once a month could make a huge difference to the health of your home, so it is not something you should discount.

Here are just some of the ways you can keep your home clean. What are your tips on how to keep your house clean? Comment down below.

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