Monday, January 23, 2017

My Little Guide For A Happy Home Move

Are you ready to make your move, a house move that is? If you’ve sold your home and found where you want to move to, you might think that the hard part is over. Really, though, it’s just beginning because even after you’ve found that new dream home and sold your old one, moving can be incredibly stressful. To help you cope, I’ve created this wonderful checklist that should help you jump all the hurdles.

A Plan For Packing Up Your Home

You probably think that leaving possessions behind when you move home is quite rare, but you’d be surprised. It’s common for new homeowners to find lost items down the back of fitted in furniture. It’s even possible that you forgot to clear out an entire area of your attic because it was hidden behind something. That’s why you need to make a plan of how to pack up your home and make sure you don’t miss anything. I suggest you do it room by room as this will also make it easier to unpack once you get there. If you do follow a plan like this make sure you stick to it all through packing. Otherwise, it can lead to a panic where an item hasn’t been stored with the rest of the room. You begin to think your favorite chair is still sitting in your old living room.

Finding A Great Moving Team

You need to make sure you get a company you can trust to move all the items to your new home. Do check out some reviews online before you make a final choice. There are plenty of movers that have a bad reputation for losing or damaging items, and you don’t want to hire them. Instead, make sure that your team has great reviews from customers and a fantastic track record. You might also want to think about looking at different prices for a moving company .They can vary quite a lot to the point where you might think it’s cheaper to just hire a van.

Get Back All Your Keys

A tip for new homeowners is to always change the locks once you move in. But it’s also the responsibility of the old owner to get back and give back all the keys. You’ve probably had a few extra keys made up over the years. Friends might have them, neighbors and other people you asked to watch over the house when you weren’t there. It’s just a loose end that you want to tie off before you move.

Clean It Up

It’s common courtesy to clean a house before you leave it for someone else. We’re not talking about a deep clean here, but you should vacuum the floors, polish any fitting and make it look nice. After all, you’d expect the owner of the property you’re moving into to do the same wouldn’t you. It’s also worth making sure that the bins are emptied. Buying a home is like making a fresh start. You don’t want to literary leave any of your rubbish behind for the new owner to have to deal with.

Here are just some of the best way where you can make a happy move. What are your tips? Comment down below!

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