Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Free Yourself From Food Burden: Quick Tips For A Successful "Free From" Diet

You may not be experiencing serious health issues, but sometimes you are experiencing some discomfort in your body and mind. If feeling bloated, having difficulties concentrating, having a sensitive digestion, or even feeling your skin getting itchy, it’s time to start a healthy detox diet! There are many ways to approach a detox program. And what this article recommends is ways of fighting health problems that can be food-related. In short, how can you remove the everyday food that hurts your body from the plate? Here’s how!

Going Lactose Free

Lactose intolerance comes in many forms, from difficulties to digest dairy products to severe shutdown reactions. For many people, reducing their dairy intake can be a way to improve their well-being. But sometimes, it isn’t enough, and you need to remove all dairy products from your diet. If this is the case, you will need to look for alternatives, such as the dairypure range of lactose-free products, as removing lactose from your diet does not mean stopping to enjoy your favorite foods such as a milky coffee or a delicious creamy yogurt. There are alternative products that are made from nut milk, soya milk or even coconut milk, and which can make your life a lot easier when going lactose free.

Going Gluten Free

If you have a gluten intolerance - unless it is a severe disease and in that case you would already know about it - it is likely that you are experiencing digestive problems when eating gluten-based foods such as bread or pasta. You will thankfully find a lot of alternatives to gluten foods, starting from chestnut and almond flour which are gluten-free, to cauliflower pizza dough to continue to enjoy your favorite meals. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of imagination to work your way around gluten-based products!

Choosing A Meat-Free Diet

For many, going meat-free does not specifically come with the need for a healthy diet, but this is the result of ethical views. If you find yourself avoiding meat because you can’t bear the idea that a cute baby lamb has been slaughtered for your burger, it is probably time to consider sources of proteins outside of animal meat. If you don’t want to change your cooking habits, soya mince is a great option to keep your lasagna dish bubbling joyfully in the oven as if nothing had changed. If you feel confident about embracing an openly vegetarian diet, you might want to look at recipes that are egg, chickpeas, quinoa, nut and milk based for healthy proteins.

Living A Sugar-Free Life

It’s no mystery that the current society of consumers is eating far too much sugar. High sugar intakes can lead to loss of concentration and high sugar rate in blood, which is linked to diabetes. Sometimes, all you need to do is to look for sugar alternatives, such as stevia which is a calorie-free sugar substitute made from a plant. This will also require careful study of all your product labels as many like potted sauces, such as ketchup for example, are rich in sugar. Sugar is a natural and healthy constituent of fruits, vegetables and grains. But this is the added sugar that you have to be aware of, and when this is the case, manufacturers are forced by law to indicate the amount of sugar that their recipes contain.

These are just some diet ideas. I'm currently avoiding foods that are extremely high in sugar to shed some pounds I gained from the holidays. If you are on a diet comment down below which one you are on! xoxo,
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