Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chubby Is Beautiful Too

There is a social phenomenon that is taking over the planet and dictating that only size zero can be legitimately described as beautiful. Ladies, if you happen to be on the heavy side of the scale, you will be automatically seen as an ugly product of laziness and overeating habits. What made you fat, as society calls it, is beside the point. People tend not to look beyond the dress size and immediately label you as ugly. But is it really fair? Could a dress size describe accurately who you are and what makes you charming and appealing? Couldn’t be curvalicious ladies beautiful too? The answer is: Yes, of course, they could, and they are beautiful. Here’s why!

The History Of Curvalicious Beauty

Beauty as we know it is a very modern concept. Indeed, history has a long habit of celebrating women with curves, finding that a plump figure was not only healthier but also more attractive. There are naturally a reasoning behind this: Curves is the way of Mother Nature to show that a woman can safely bear a baby. This was how people used to think about plump ladies. Additionally, if you happen to be a Christian, the Old Testament presents an interesting song, called the Song of Solomon, which has this specific line “Your belly is like a heap of wheat”. While this is now far from being a compliment, at the time a round belly was a much-desired feature in a woman. So what has changed then? Even until the beginning of the last century, roundness was attractive in women, have a look at Lady Chatterley’s Lover, for instance, which happily refers to the curving drop of a woman’s haunches. Unfortunately, the 20th century was marked by heavy battles, food deprivation and malnutrition which have changed the features of beauty since the 1960s. The sexy skinny fashion is not even a century-old!

Dress For Your Shape

It’s important as a curvalicious lady to dress your size without trying to follow the skinny fashion of the high street. Developing your own style and your own sense of shape is what will help you shine with your true beauty, as people will not be able to compare you to the trendy size zero models in the magazines. Dressing your shape starts with elegant underwear that understands your curves, such as the Tutti Rouge line which has been designed for the fuller figures.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The most important thing that you should always remember is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those who love you for who you are will always find you beautiful. After all, who has said that beauty should be arbitrary decided by the society? Don’t let the masses decide whether you are worth it or not, because they don’t know you! You are beautiful if you believe you are, and this is the most important piece of knowledge for you. Curvy ladies can be just as attractive as skinny ladies, don’t forget that!

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