Friday, December 16, 2016

The Effects of Addiction and How to Address it

Addiction nowadays is  very prevalent in all walks of life. Whether the younger or  older generations, they all are getting  hooked up with vices that are destructive to  their system and affecting their lives in general. Many people look at it as a normal thing in their day to day lives but the truth is there are many negative effects that not only affect them but also the people around them.There are ways on fixing the problem such as drug detox programs, but let us first know first the negative effects of drug addiction. 

Negative effects of drug addiction.

It can be financially crippling.

Addiction to drugs can run into hundreds of dollars or thousands, depending on your drug of choice. It could even be a few dollars here or there that simply add up. And drugs do not just include the illegal ones we have all come to know and associate with bad habits and ill health such as cocaine and heroin. They can included others such as marijuana and even alcohol. The money that is spent on these life altering addictions take away from other vitally important financial demands such as food, shelter, medicine, a car payment, or maybe that trip to the beach with your family or that Christmas present for your child. These addictions not only cost lives but they can also drain your bank accounts and harm those around you in very detrimental ways.

Low productivity

Dependency to a specific drug will obviously affect work productivity and it may even be grounds for someone to lose their job. Going to work intoxicated will not give someone an advantage at all! Imagine customers or even co-workers seeing signs of your addiction. That  is obviously a major problem that you could encounter. Your work will suffer and your overall performance can decline. Instead of worrying about getting that presentation finished or closing that new sales account you are thinking about the next sip of vodka or the next hit off of a bong. When you are not focused you will lose the edge.

Psychological health will be at risk.

A person’s capacity to think is affected by the contents of a substance. Sometimes people who are under the influence will act very different than their normal sober self. There are even instances that when they don't get their fix they turn to their loved ones and vent their frustrations and even get violent at times. Not only that it’s unhealthy but also a threat to someone’s life if it has spiraled out of control. Depression can overtake one’s daily life and make small tasks harder to accomplish. It can drain the joy from what used to make that person happy and make life overall joyless. This can lead to a life unfulfilled, sadness, isolation, poor health, and in some cases suicide.

Legal Consequences

If you drink and drive you can lose your license and ability to earn a living, wreck your vehicle, or hurt someone or even worse. If you are arrested with drugs you could gain a rater nasty criminal record which not only could land you in prison but could bar you from many good jobs, student loans, and other benefits the law abiding public at large can avail. Any kind of drug can lead to the wrong side of the law, so think about this clearly before you decide to violate the law of the land.

Medical  Problems

Beyond all of these we still have to consider the effects on our bodies and how it can effect us. Slow responses, liver damage, overdoses and heart attacks are some of the common ailments many have to endure with taking these drugs. If using needles, the spreading of diseases such as HIV can increase significantly. Death is a constant stalker when we abuse drugs and we should be ever cognizant of this fact and not only the devastation it would have on those that abuse drugs but on those around them.

So, how do we stop this?

First, know that it is never too late to get help. There are drug detox programs, countless churches, civic groups, clinics, and hospital outreach programs to help. Turn to family members, religious leaders, and teachers if you need help.  Having a support network of people around you that can help is paramount to getting clean and turning your life around. Admitting there is a problem and resolving to do something about it is the first step. The steps after that can be arduous and taxing but remember you can do it and in the end it is totally worth it.

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