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So You've Just Got Engaged? Take These Steps To Start Planning Your Wedding

When you first get engaged, it is such an exciting time, full of fun and excitement. There are a lot of fun times ahead as you prepare for and plan your wedding. So if that is you; congratulations! If you’re not too careful, it can become a bit of a stressful time, though. You could get yourself a little overworked with all that needs to be done, instead of soaking up the time of being engaged and wedding planning. You might feel a little overwhelmed; where do start when it comes to planning a wedding? So I’ve got some hints and tips to help you get started. Even if you’re planning a long engagement, there are still plenty of things that you can be working on. When you’re prepared enough, there is no need to be nervous or become stressed.


Pick a Date

As soon as people hear you are engaged, they will want to see the ring. As soon as they have admired it, they will be asking you when you plan on getting married. So it is good to have an idea of when. You might have always wanted a winter wedding and so know that it will be in a year’s time. You might just want to have a long engagement. Either way, get the calendar out and make some plans of when you would like to get married. It is pretty vital to choose a date first. As a lot of things will hinge on the date. It is tricky to book a venue or reception if you don’t know the date!

Guest List

It might seem early, but knowing a rough number of people that you want to invite is helpful for many reasons. It might depend on where the wedding is held. A small number of people might mean a small garden reception, rather than a big hall or manor house. Equally, you’d need room for lots of people if you are going to be inviting a large number of people. So start to write down who you want to invite. You will need to think of partners or plus ones, as well as if you want children to be at the wedding or not.

Set the Budget

It is time to sit down and discuss budget when you get married. Do you plan on paying for everything yourselves, or will family and parents be involved? If the latter is the case, arranging to discuss with them the situation is a great idea. When you know the budget, you can firmly decide on the guest list and things like location and style of reception, for example. So firm up the budget as soon as you know. If it means that you will need to save money, then it can affect the first point of choosing a date. So these things all need to be decided fairly close together.


Save the Date Cards

If your wedding is going to be a little way off, then it is a good idea to get save the date cards out to family and friends. It just lets them know when you are getting married so that they can make sure they will be there. They aren’t the type of cards that you send out to everyone as an announcement. If you send someone a save the date card you are basically inviting them to your wedding. So do bear that in mind and only keep it to the people that you would like to make it. You might think that it is a bit early on to think about your wedding invitations, but it looks good if there is some cohesion between your wedding invites and the save the date cards. So choosing a style that you might like is a good idea. You might want to go for luxury wedding stationery or perhaps something a little simpler. Just decide now so that you can have a similar style for all of your invites, name cards and orders of service.

The Invitations

Some information about the invites, in that you should have a cohesive style that compliments the rest of the wedding. But some of you may just be going straight to invitations, rather than save the date cards. Will you be inviting different people to different aspects of your wedding? For example, are some people just coming to the evening reception or some people just to the ceremony. If that is the case, will you print several different invites? Or will you print a generic one and then use small inserts, depending on who is coming to what part of the day? Make sure that you are clear on your invites about who are the people invited and any other things relevant. People will be expecting to give you a gift. So it is not unusual to put any details about a wedding gift list somewhere on the invitation.

Color Scheme

As you will be getting invitations out, it isn’t too early to start thinking about the colors that you would like for your wedding. Picking a color scheme will help you to decide on lots of things. You can choose your wedding stationery accordingly, as well as your dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, decorations and perhaps even your wedding cake. When you know what color you will be looking out for, you can keep your eyes open when you are shopping for things that will look good at your wedding, or work for the dresses.

Hopefully, this will help you to make a start when planning your wedding. When you take your time and work through things, it will mean that things run through much more smoothly. You are less likely to get stressed out when things are planned well, and you know what needs to be done when. So setting a completion date for tasks is always a good idea. Many of us do this kind of thing in the workplace, so why not do it when it comes to completing tasks for your wedding? Good luck!


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