Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lighting Up Your Garden This Christmas

Those long, sunny summer days are far behind us. The waft of the barbecue as you walk through the neighborhood is all but a distant memory. The leaves have fallen and the antifreeze light on your car has come knocking. All this can only mean one thing. It’s that time of year -  Christmas. Soon the in-laws will be arriving presents in hand to critique your turkey and the thickness of the gravy. If you can’t impress in the kitchen, fear not, as having a Christmas lighting display of epic proportions will ensure everyone’s in the festive spirit. Here are some tips on achieving lighting perfection this Christmas!
Utilize Space
Although it’ll be far cry from the specialist lighting you see draped from building to building in towns and city centers around the world, it’s still worth making the most of the space you do have by filling it with the twinkle of lights. Trail lights between trees and garages, as well as along hedges and walls to turn otherwise dark areas into pools of light. If there’s a blank space – fill it.

Measure Up
Before you even venture to the DIY shop in search of decorations, you’ll need to measure up your outdoor space to ensure you buy enough strands of lights. It’s said that around 100 lights per 1ft on a tree will hit the mark. Most importantly, you’ll need to measure up the distance to your nearest power source. If things seem tricky, you might want to consider battery powered lights.
Test Ahead of Time
Firstly, check your lights were built to withstand being outdoors and can survive the winter. Next, test your lights and replace any dead LEDs before you go to the trouble of hanging them from the likes of the roof of your house. More importantly, check for frayed cables, as these could prove to be a safety hazard.

Hold Tight
Once the hard work’s over, you’ll want nothing more than to sit back, relax and watch your creation glow from a distance. Secure your lights with the correct tools from the off to avoid any mishaps. Clips and hooks should be used every 40cm when attaching lights to the surface you are decorating.
Less is Definitely Not More
Clusters of the retired seem to assemble at Christmas time to prowl the streets in cars on a quest to discover the best lighting displays in the neighbourhood. This is your opening. It’s the one time of year where garish displays of decorations become acceptable. Go to town with your display and don’t hold back.

Choose Your Centrepiece
There needs to be at least some method to the madness, and the easiest way to add some uniformity to proceedings is to pick a centerpiece for your display. The front door to your home is the obvious focal point, but lighting up the border of your driveway to the point where passing planes are unsure whether to land or simply fly on by means your display is sure to be a hit with the neighbors.

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What are your top picks for Christmas lighting? Comment down below!
xoxo, Therese
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