Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Make Do And Mend. Why Crafting Can Breath Life Into Your Spare Room

It’s always hard to know what to do with our spare rooms. Setting them up as bedrooms can seem like such a waste. While it’s great to have space when guests visit, the room sits empty most of the time. Why not bring your spare room into your home by turning it into a space you use? If you want to keep the option of hosting guests, a sofa bed can be an excellent choice. That way, the room is functional more of the time! One great idea for using your spare room is to turn it into a craft room. Whether you’re a craft aficionado, or you want the chance to explore your creative side, a craft room is an excellent choice! There are things no craft room can do without. Here’s a list of just a few.


Every craft room needs a sewing machine. Whether you can sew or not, now is the chance to learn! There are some great online tutorials that can teach you the basics. Setting your sewing machine up on a beautiful table is another must. As well as being a crafting haven, you want your craft room to look good. If you don’t already own a sewing machine, find one that’ll make your craft room look fantastic. Maybe ask your parents or grandparents if they own an older machine. Older models look great on display. Don’t worry about the old machines not being functional either. It’s still possible to buy Singer sewing machine parts. That way, your machine can be gorgeous and useful! Bear in mind that older machines might not be ideal for a beginner. They are a little harder to use! Making your own clothes is a great way to save yourself money, so if you can’t sew, now is the time to learn.


Having a collection of yarn and string will allow you to turn your hand to any crafty project. There’s nothing worse than not being able to start because you don’t have the right materials. Both yarn and string are cheap to buy in bulk. Some sewing machines come with an offer of free string. If you’re buying a machine, look for one that offers this addition! Think about display again here. Storing your yarns in an open drawer will make them a great addition to the room. Maybe think about color coding them. With string, why not display it on your sewing table? Get creative with your storage ideas!


The decoration in your crafting room is another chance for you to have a lot of fun. Think about what would best complement the yarns and strings you have on display. Fun colors often work well. Think too about decoration that inspires you. If you think fussy colors would distract you from crafting, go for something simple. Make the most of your furniture choices too. This room will be your sanctuary, so get it looking exactly how you want it!

Crafting can definitely brighten up your day so make sure that you make the most out of your spare room! Whats your favorite crafting project? Comment down below.

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