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House-Proud Ways To Clean And Care For Your Home

When you love your home, you take care of both the exterior and interior. This shows that you care and cherish the money, design and thought you have put into your property. Looking after and maintaining your ‘stuff’ means your house will always be sparkly and fresh. And it also ensures that daily life runs smoothly and you are more organized. Sounds like a chore? Well, the great thing is, the more you look after the little things, the less there is do in the long run. Cleaning and caring for your home on a regular basis ensures that things get done on a weekly basis. This saves you having to face a mammoth spring or fall clean. Ready to become more house-proud? Here are some sure-fire ways to get you started.

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Look After Your Appliances, And They’ll Look After You

As we well know, all the appliances we buy unfortunately have a shelf life. Even with advanced technology, longevity doesn’t seem to be top of the manufacturer's list. However, there are ways you can increase their endurance and help them maintain the durability that they do have. For example, if you have an air conditioning unit, you should always make sure it has had an up to date service and is good working order. Always check your A/C unit ready for the warmer months. You can check out companies such as http://www.advantageairllc.com/residential/repair/ac-repair/ who can repair your unit swiftly and thoroughly. If you notice that your thermostat isn’t working correctly or your energy bills, have increased it may be time to call in the professionals. Always keep your appliances clean on the inside and as well as the outside to ensure they are working to an optimum level. It is best to get your oven professionally cleaned on a yearly basis. Keeping the gaskets clean around your appliances also means that the seals are likely to last longer. And you should also clean your refrigerator coils every six months to make sure the appliance is running efficiently. You can check out ways to clean your fridge right here: www.topcleaningsecrets.com/house/kitchen/how-to-clean-a-refrigerator.html. Use a good quality washing machine cleaner once a month and always clean away any spills in the loading tray. If your appliance uses filters, make sure you always change them in the time suggested in the instruction manual. Dirty filters can stop appliances from working altogether. Lastly, make sure you have registered for the one-year warranty. This is usually included when you purchase home appliances. Keep all warranties in a folder together so you remained organized if something does go wrong.


Have a Domestic Blitz

Every couple of weeks have a morning where you do a quick but thorough domestic blitz in your home. First up, wash the kitchen bin. Soak the lid in a bowl or sink filled with warm water and washing liquid and then rinse off with cold water. And then pour disinfectant and hot water into the bin and scrub with a long handled brush and leave to dry. Do a quick dust behind all the radiators with a long handled duster. Then vacuum the surrounding floor area. Pull out the refrigerator and do a thorough clean behind the fridge. Goodness knows how crumbs and dirt get there, but they do! Use a drain cleaner product or ½ cup of bicarbonate soda and ½ cup of vinegar down the plughole to clean out your kitchen and bathroom drains. Wipe down the sink and use a limescale spray on the draining board. Then polish all the faucets and front of all kitchen appliances. Use a soft dry cloth on all your window frames to get rid of dust and any cobwebs. Use a specialist window cleaning product and one pane at a time wipe them with a microfiber cloth. For high windows invest in a professional window cleaning service every three months. Sparkly windows really make your home look fresher. If you’re doing it yourself visit sites such as www.cleanipedia.com/gb/house-exterior/how-to-clean-windows for lots of easy cleaning tips. If you’re lucky enough to have crystal chandeliers in your home, then get in a professional cleaner. If like most of us, you have glass droplet chandeliers, you can clean them yourself. To do this make a mixture of one part alcohol and ten parts warm water and pour into an empty spray bottle. Make sure your lights are off and cold and then cover the bulbs with tied up sandwich bags. Then spray your mixture onto the glass droplets to get rid of dust and dirt. Leave to drip dry for 24 hours before turning on the lights again.


A Beautiful Bathroom

Due to high volumes of traffic padding in and out of the bathroom on a daily basis, this is an area that gets dirty quickly. And tiles and shower screens get the full hit. To wash tiles use a mild detergent to wash and then with a soft cloth, you can dry them. Use an old toothbrush and mild bleach to clean away dirty grout lines. Wash your shower screen with a solution of white vinegar and warm water. And then buff dry quickly with a soft cloth. Limescale builds up quickly in a bathroom so be sure to use limescale remover on a weekly basis.


Love Your Lemons

If you’ve got half an hour to spare here are a few super cleaning fixes that can be achieved the natural way with lemons. Put half a lemon into your dishwasher before running a wash, and you’ll get really clean stain-free white dishes and plates. Use the other half of the lemon to scrub over wooden chopping boards and worktops. The lemon will kill bacteria and eliminate smells such as garlic and onion. Put in a white load of washing into the machine and squirt half a cup of lemon juice into the loading train for super white-whites. And that clean bin you have? Deodorize any lingering smells by putting a couple of halves of lemon into the base of the unit along with a cup of bicarbonate soda.

A Blissful Bedroom

We may throw open the windows, vacuum the floor and dust the surfaces on a weekly basis. But taking care of your mattress and pillows every three months is important too. When your bed is stripped, run a vacuum over the mattress to get rid of any lingering dust mites, skin, and dirt. Even with a protector, these still find their way into the fabric. If your pillows are made of feathers or down take them to be professionally dry cleaned. If they are polyester, you can pop them in the washing machine. Just make sure to only do two at a time and set them on a delicate cycle. Have your duvet professionally cleaned once a year or consider replacing yearly instead. Don’t forget while you’re here to clean under and behind the bed and also to wash down the sides of the bed and the headboard. And lastly, use a lavender spray on all your freshly washed linens for a sweet smell that induces better sleep quality too. And if you want to redesign your bedroom after all this hard work, here are some of my favorite tips.

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How To Look After Your Clothes

While you’re in the bedroom, it’s also time to tackle the wardrobe. Get a kilner jar and store all buttons and threads in one place. If you have odd buttons, you can include these too. But get into the habit of taking off spare buttons from clothes, as you buy them, and outing them all in the same jar. Pull out anything that needs repairing. And then either repair immediately or send away to get professionally fixed. If you know you are not going to bother repairing certain items you can donate or recycle them instead. At this point also pack away seasonal items in vacuum bags until you need them again. And if you are getting cashmere jumpers out be sure to hang them on hangers that you tie cedar blocks to. Cedar, lavender, and eucalyptus all deter moths from your luxury woolies. Also out lavender bags in your drawers to keep lingerie and tops smelling sweet. Spend some time brushing up leather shoes and remove dirt from suede shoes using a white rubber or nylon brush. Clean patent shoes with white vinegar and canvas with some detergent and an old toothbrush. Take this time to also edit your wardrobe. Anything you haven’t worn in a year should either be stored or donated. It shouldn’t have a space in your wardrobe.


The Beauty Edit

This is also a chance to go through all your old makeup and throw things away. Makeup has a shelf life and due to germs and bacteria should not be kept longer than it states. Mascara should be changed every three months. Liquid foundations and eyeliners last six months. And lipsticks and powder makeup shouldn’t be kept longer than two years. Bin everything that is out of date. Take this time to properly clean all your makeup brushes and sponges too. Wash with baby shampoo, blot with a tissue and then leave to dry. Lastly, de-fluff the hair dryer filter and wipe down your heated appliances with a disinfectant wipe. Also, wipe clean your heated mats and give the plug sockets a good dust while you’re here too.

These are just some ways on how you can keep your home clean. How do you guys do your care for your home? Comment down below!

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