Thursday, September 1, 2016

Don't Forget These Dinner Party Essentials

If you have a special occasion coming up, you might be considering a dinner party with your friends to celebrate. An intimate event like this gives you a chance to flex your creative muscles in the kitchen. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to work your creativity on decorating the dining room. Preparing for a dinner party takes a little planning and organization. Here are the essentials for your fantastic evening:

You may have a vegetarian guest, so be sure you can prepare something suitable. If you have a budget in mind for the meal, consider your recipes carefully! Once you’ve chosen your starter and main courses, you can pick which wines will go well. Don’t forget to include an alcohol-free variety for the drivers. If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not create a card menu for the table? You can even title it in honor of your big event.

When it comes to decorating the table, you might have a color scheme already in mind. You can sew your own table runner or cloth from a material that suits your theme. If your dinner party is in the garden, consider sewing in some weights to the corner to prevent it flapping about in the breeze. You can pick your flowers by doing an internet search for florists near me and picking one that specializes in centerpieces. Alternatively, order the blooms you want, and arrange them in your centerpiece vase yourself.

Place Settings

When you set the table, it can be a nice touch to include place setting cards. Some people use foldable ones. The name of the guest sitting there is on the facing surface. Inside are some interesting details about the people sitting either side of them. It makes for a great conversation piece and helps people get to know each other. Add a photo if you like.


On the day you may start early with your food preparations. Desserts are often served cold. These can be made in the morning and left in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. Vegetables can be stored in cold water once you’ve peeled and chopped them. Why not try a slow cooker recipe if you’re struggling to find time today? It’s difficult to coordinate all the different cooking times for things. Try to write them down and see if it is easier to figure out working with a planner.


Once your guests have arrived, you will want to spend time meeting and greeting everyone. Perhaps you will serve some appetizers and drinks? When everyone is seated at the table, you will need to decide how you want to serve each course. You might choose a big platter plate so everyone can serve themselves at the table. Or you may plate everything in the kitchen and then bring it through. The choice is yours. Your guests probably won’t mind either way! You will have more space on the table if you serve, though.

Dinner parties are a lot of fun. Choose some background music, dim the lights and bon appetite.

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