Monday, August 29, 2016

The Progress Through Color and Line - The Beautiful in Childhood

Curiosity and an unconscious will and desire for understanding the natural and artificial world surrounding us are something every child experiences from an early age.Here is where psychological, cognitive and emotional development take place, where associations and complex connections are formed and movement and dexterity enhances. Drawing, painting, coloring, sketching are the actual tools and methods that lead to the above mentioned enhancements, offering guidance, supporting discipline, exercising control and encouraging creativity and imaginative thinking.

Every kid has the tendency to take a pen and a piece of paper and start forming shapes and patterns the way he manages to perceive them at an early stage of development. At the age of 18 months, scribbling as this activity is called, marks the beginning of a particular branch of the human growth mechanism, a complex structure that evolves gradually in time and leads to the complete formation of the individual.

Grasping shapes, forms represents the logical next step. Their association comes in right after as the child starts depicting the classical house form and in the end the human body by using primitive forms. Proportions, perspective, scale will come in much later in the evolution form.

The stage of representing the surrounding environment as it is conceived and perceived by the young mind marks a stage filled with creativity, imagination, a world where everything is possible, is encouraged and applauded. Here is where the role of the parent is the most essential, positive feedback given at the right period of time will influence future self-confidence and the confidence of pursuing one’s dreams and desires. Each creation should be seen with a healthy positive attitude even if taste and ideas collie. Competitiveness is to be encouraged as long as it is used as a tool in creative productiveness and not as a jealousy inducing method.

We now surpass the toddler phase where imaginative thinking is challenged  by real depictions of the natural. Creativity lingers but in a real, logical sense where scale and proportions express the exact grasp on reality. Talent or inclination towards this domain will now be perceived and should be encouraged through professional council and aid. Techniques can be learned and mastered as well as the many different forms of expression through different art materials. Each idea should be put to the test, experienced and emphasized as a constructive alternative method of learning and development. It is the creative thinking that aids the most a young mind, associated with a rigorous disciplined process that does not, in any case, limit imagination and free expression. After all, the entire process of learning is about the formation of capable individuals, each with his own personality, taste and thought.

As we can observe, the role of the parent never ends and their attitude towards the fine arts will dictate a certain direction in the childs evolution. Understand that creativity must be encouraged, talent should be sustained and involvement must be constant.

In the end e would like to propose a challenge where every one of us dives in the cartoon world we have prepared below as a wonderful creative reminder of passed childhoods. What is your take on this creative alternative learning method?

Photo Credits to Homesthetics Network
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