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Sewing And Textile Projects That You Can Succeed At - As A Beginner

Some people get scared off when considering working with material or textiles. The imagine long hard nights bent over sewing machine. Endless pin pricks to their fingers and constant unpicking and restitching of seams. Sewing is an art form in itself and takes a great deal of skill and care to be done well. It can be relaxing and there are plenty of quick and easy projects that you won't have to quit your day job to complete. You might even have some fun while you are doing it! Read in to find out.

Patchwork quilt

One of the most popular sewn items to make is a traditional patchwork quilt. They make a good beginner project because they can be split down into sections to complete one by one. You can also use a sewing machine to complete your quilt, which few non-sewers realize. With a few simple adaptations like adding a runner's foot and increasing the gauge of your need, you can easily use your machine for quilting. Which will make it faster and easier. If you haven't got a machine, check out Sewing Makes Me Happy for an easy to understand guide on which model would suit you best.

The thing about patchwork quilt that is the best is that they become family heirlooms. Each generation of the family can team up together and contribute to the same quilt. It's this emotional connection to each other through the item makes it so special.


Another thing that beginner can have a go at is a small embroidery sample. You can buy ready made kits here. These will include a hoop, some Aida, a needle and the rights colored threads. It is important, to begin with, a small kit and work your way up. As some of the larger ones can get very complicated very quickly and it's easy to be overwhelmed as a beginner.

You can choose any design that you like the look of. Traditional ones include flowers and pastoral scenes. While there are also some, modern R-rated ones available on Etsy now that include song lyrics or quotes that are a bit subversive.

Pom Poms

Pom Poms are the ideal textile activity for beginnings and go down especially well with children. They are easy, and you can get some great results.

Begin with two circles of card, a ball of wool and some scissors. Cut a smaller circle out of each piece of card so they are both ring-shaped. Put them back to back and then cut a long piece of wool from the ball. Begin wrapping the yarn around the cardboard ring. Cover all the visible cardboard and then go over it several time with the yarn.


Now comes the tricky bit. Take the scissors and cut the yarn, using the cardboard rings as a guide. You want the scissors to fall into the gap between the rings. So you will have wool, card, scissors, card wool. Then as you cut the yarn, take another piece and pass it on between the twice pieces of card. This should tie the pom pom in the middle. You can then get rid of the card rings and fluff the pom pom out to the desired shape.

These are just some ideas that you can try so you can begin your handmade and crafty journey. What projects do you enjoy as a beginner? Comment down below.

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