Sunday, July 10, 2016

How To Easily Bridge A Language Gap

So, you have a passport in your hand? Maybe you are taking that dream vacation? Perhaps you have simply made friends with people from a far off land? All of these are exciting prospects and can make life worth living.

Imagine you need to go on a business trip or have been relocated to a foreign office overseas. Knowing the language and customs will surely make the transition easier and lessen any faux pas one might encounter.

However, before you can jump in with both feet you may have to deal with the one single major barrier that most of us do, which is a language barrier.  So how can we easily bridge the gap of communication?

  • Make friends with foreigners - Being in constant contact with a local speaker of the language you want to learn helps a lot. Being able to talk in their native language and giving you live feedback will also greatly improve your speaking ability.
  • Get online chat buddies from overseas - Online chatting greatly helps your written ability and the chances of them being able to translate certain things will greatly help. There is also Translate Shark, an online service that you can use to be sure that the words will be translated correctly.
  • Volunteer at local foreign festivals and make friends there - Attending a festival? Why not step up your game and volunteer? Not only you will give them a good impression, you can also make long term connections for future travels! Double yes!!
  • Watch foreign films and listen to foreign music - If you love movies and the music scene, why not invest some time listening to local artists speak a certain language. Unlike the options above you can also replay it if there is something you don't quite understand.
  • Use subtitles in TV shows can help too - Reading the your local language while listening to a foreign one is also a good thing to do. You can immediately understand the word and hear it being spoken at the same time. This works well if you don't have an immediate person to ask.
  • Grab your passport, ticket, and simply immerse yourself in the country, culture, and language- Feeling very adventurous? Then go and explore a different country and learn during the process! Connect, live and eat like a local. The experience will surely be extremely rewarding and memorable!
Making connections and building bridges with speakers of other languages can be very rewarding and can truly broaden your horizons. Imagine meeting a friend online and talking for days and weeks and months. If your language skills improved, you can make more friends and connect to more people all over the world.

Taking the time to learn a language can seem frustrating but that is because you are probably doing it wrong. It should be a fun experience. So, start trying the suggestions above and make the world yours.

What other ways do you think will help remove the language gap? Feel free to comment down below your suggestions!

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