Thursday, July 28, 2016

Adding A Personal Touch To Your Home

Adding a personal touch to your home will make it feel like you. Your home is an extension of you anyway, if you really think about it. It should show what you’re all about. It should tell people a little about you when they come in. Does yours do that? If not, it’s time to change that. You can easily add a personal touch to your home using many different techniques. Use the following tips to see what you can do:

Use Your Favorite Colors and Patterns

If you want your home to be really personal to you, make sure you use your favorite colors and patterns in the decor. Don’t be tempted to use neutral, just because everybody uses neutral these days. Unless neutral really appeals to you, don’t bother! Of course, neutral decor can help you to sell your home faster. But if you’re not planning on selling for a while, you should probably forget all about it. Go wild with your favorite colors and patterns and make your home a really fun, enjoyable space to be in.

Get Into DIY

DIY projects can be a lot of fun. You don’t need many tools to get started either, as there are so many simple things you can start out doing. You can start by making something small, then work your way up to larger game. You will need a couple of things before you begin, such as industrial adhesives, a number of tools, and lots of materials.

Use Statement Furniture

Using statement furniture in your home is a brilliant way to perk a room up. It adds lots of personality and can help you to give a theme to a room. Use furniture with an amazing pattern or even a funny shape.


Use Accessories You Love

Go looking for accessories that you’re absolutely in love with. Don’t buy anything just for the sake of it. Unless you feel a huge pull towards something, you shouldn’t waste your money on it!

Create Your Own Accent Wall

Why not spend some time designing and creating your own accent wall? You can make it as simple or as abstract as you like. People like to use the following things on their accent walls:

  • Art
  • Pictures of family and friends
  • Quotes
  • Textures

You can even use a multitude of things to create the accent wall. For instance, you could put up a piece of patterned wall paper, and then put your statement chair next to the wall. Keeping the rest of the room fairly simple will make your accent wall stand out all the more.

Collect And Display Memories

Collecting and displaying your memories will give your home that personal touch every time. You don’t want your home to look empty, like nobody lives there. Displaying your favorite memories and even souvenirs you’ve picked up will add personality and tell a story. They’ll show what’s important to you!

Hopefully you love using these tips and make your home feel like an extension of you. Thanks for reading!

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