Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Select the Perfect Wedding Gift

Since the medieval times, June has been a month filled with wedding celebrations. It has been a custom to give gifts to couples at their wedding. Wedding registries have been created to help guests in selecting what gift the couple wants or needs.

When I got married the guests know that we are investing for our first home. Some guests opted for home and garden items that I will be able to use at home. I created a simple gift guide to help you decide what to give for a couple with unique personality.

The Crafty Couple

Some couples, mine included, love handmade and beautiful items for the home. The items that you give them will have more sentimental value if its cruelty free, re-purposed and the brand helps for a good cause. Check out this link for amazing handmade products that is for a cause: HERE

This beautiful lamp will definitely wow the couple

The Adventurous Couple

Adventure and travel runs in their blood and other than sports gear this couple would definitely love something in their home that reminds them of their previous escapades. Anything that shows landmarks will definitely do the trick and its a plus factor that they can use it. 

Suspension bridge shelves will remind them of their last bungee jumping memories.

The Visual Artists

The couple that has both eye for the visual arts will definitely love wall hangings. An empty wall without anything on it is a big no for them. Giving them a decorative piece will definitely end up on their wall. You can check out more awesome visual decor HERE.

The Pet Lovers

Couples who love their pets definitely love something that is cruelty free, sustainable and not animal tested. Giving them items for their pets and remembering their pets will definitely make your gift one of a kind. A pillow with their beloved pets face on it will definitely hit a soft spot! Check out a variety of items HERE.

There are a lot of ways to select as to what gift you will give to the couple. Depending on their personality, their needs and wants. This list is not only good for wedding but also as birthday and holiday gifts. But always remember that your presence during the most memorable days of their lives and celebrating alongside the couple will make their wedding day even better.

What are the type of gifts you give to newly weds? Feel free to comment down below!

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