Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gas or Electricity - Which is better for the home?

Have you ever wondered what are the difference of using gas and electric? There are so many options out there but the two most common sources of energy are gas and electric. To compare gas and electric here are just some key points to remember.
  • Where will you use it? Is it for heat, for your vehicle or for cooking? Knowing the factors will help you deciding on what energy source you primarily need.
  • How much of it do you need? Do you need a lot or a little? The need for and energy source greatly depends in one self. These are affected by the number of members in the family, the number of appliances you use and may more.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Money is the top factor for me and everything else follows. I always think that the more inexpensive the cost and still provide efficient performance is the way to go.
There are a lot more factors that you can consider but the ones above are the most common. 

Gas and Electric have many things in common. They both make our day to day lives comfortable and efficient. I cant imagine not having any of these energy sources in my home, its going to be a nightmare for a wife like me! Here are just a comparison if you you have to choose between gas and electric.

First, we look at regional concerns. Electric may be more plentiful in certain regions as opposed to natural gas. We can see this when it comes to areas that may have a plethora of coal fired plants such as Cottam or Ratcliffe or nuclear powered plants such as in the west. In certain places natural gas may be more plentiful and this means certain regions will have an abundance of this as their sole means of home energy. 
Second, we look at how these can be diversified and used in a variety of applications. Natural gas is something that has been a staple of outdoor cooking and camping. Remote homes that have little to no utility connections may depend upon natural gas as their primary source of heat in many cases. Electricity may not be readily available when it comes to state campgrounds and picnic areas. Also, we can see that natural gas can be used in almost any situation and is an effective backup reserve when electricity goes out in an emergency. This applies especially in cases regarding heating of homes and cooking. 

Third, we look as cost. As with different regions electricity can be cheaper on average than natural gas. This is a major factor when people do common things like choosing between an electric or gas stove. And again in areas with abundant coal we may see lower electricity prices and higher natural gas prices. 

Fourth, we must look as the environmental aspect. Natural gas is seen by many as an almost limitless and clean energy. This can have huge applications in areas such as transportation, home energy uses and others. This can also be said about nuclear energy to an extent and other forms of electric generating means. However, in general most other means that are used to produce electricity on mass scales are not as clean as natural gas. Notable exceptions are wind and solar power. But again these are limited by aspects such as location and time of day. 

This is just a basic comparison between these two major energy sources. I hope this post helps you in your decision making in the future! Do you use gas or electric? Comment down below!

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