Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DIY Wedding Ideas You Need To See

When it’s time to get hitched, there is so much planning and preparation in the run-up to the big day. A lot of couples struggle with the amount of money a wedding can cost. After all, soon as a supplier hears that it’s a wedding, they will up the price, so it’s out of your budget. Here are some DIY wedding ideas you need to see.

Make your own favours

One wedding idea you can DIY are favours for your guests. They can get very expensive if you have a lot of guests. Therefore, why not make them something they can keep. You could make jars filled with chocolates as a gift to take home with them. Or you could create homemade candle favours which they can display in their home. Baking guests something is also now a popular DIY favour idea. A biscuit or cookie could go down well. Or a homemade jam or honey will be a popular idea. It’s likely to go down better than an expensive item they may not ever use!

Create DIY invites

Wedding invitations can often break the bank if you are inviting quite a few guests. Therefore, to cut down costs, why don’t you make your own. You can get a DIY kit of personalised wedding invitations which you can assemble at home. It will cut out the cost of having someone make them for you. Or you could even create a design you love by hand. You can then scan it onto the computer and print off the invitations yourself. That way, they will look even more unique.

Make your own wedding flowers

Another DIY idea you could do is your wedding flowers. Buying wedding flowers can be expensive, so why not make your own. Why not pick out single flowers from stores and create your own bunch. As this article says, you could even use jewelry and feathers to make the bouquet unique. And as for bridesmaids, why not let them hold a single rose rather than an expensive bunch. You could even create small bouquets from fake flowers to cut back on some money.

Create decorations for the tables

Decorating the tables at a wedding can get quite expensive, So to cut back on costs, why not make your own decorations. Use old things lying around the house to make fun decorations for your tables. Use old glasses to display petals or even use tissue paper in them as centerpieces for the table. Why not use some of your old candles as decorations for the table. Put a ribbon around them with your color to make it more unique for your wedding. Here are some more fun ideas for centerpieces for your wedding tables.

Bake your own wedding cake

You can also bake your own wedding cake rather than pay out for someone else to do it. Make sure you try it several times as it might take a while to make the perfect cake. Or you could buy a plain cake from the supermarket and decorate it with ribbons in your chosen color. Use old jewelry to help it look fantastic and people will not realize you did it yourself!

Hopefully, these DIY tips can help save you some bucks for your big day!


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  1. Hi! Thanks Therese, for sharing these wonderful ideas here. I’ll be getting married in June, in one of the gorgeous LA event venues and I was just looking for some DIY ideas to cut a bit of cost. This is amazing. I’d like to try these (wish me luck!).

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    1. Thanks for post! I have found great blog Wedding Forward. Here you'll find more about DIY wedding ideas. If you plan to make a wedding card this post will help you with writing wishes))

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