Thursday, May 12, 2016

DIY SOS! Household Tasks To Leave To The Experts

Many of us enjoy getting the tools and dust sheets out and doing a bit of DIY. Sometimes, it’s perfectly safe to attempt your own repairs. However, there are certain tasks that require expert attention. Here are some instances when it’s best to steer clear and call in the professionals.


If you’ve noticed some loose tiles or there’s a leak following a heavy downpour, resist the temptation to get the ladders out. Roofing is a dangerous job, which should only be attempted by those with the relevant skills and expertise. If you try and do a roofing job yourself, you run the risk of serious accidents, such as a fall from height.


If you’re doing up an old house, or you’re treating yourself to a new audio system, you may need to replace or rejig some electrical wires. All electrical jobs should be carried out by certified, qualified electricians only. Electrical injuries can be very serious, and it’s always best to call somebody who knows what they’re doing. Attempting your own rewiring jobs could cause severe injuries and even death.

Water damage

Does your home have a musty smell? Have you noticed any leaks? Are the walls damp or moldy? If so, you may have water damage. Is your home old? Do you live in an area where heavy rainfall is a frequent threat? If you’re worried about water damage, contact a company like If there are already signs of damage, the situation will only get worse with time, and it’s best to act quickly. Once water damage has been repaired, it may also be possible to add preventative measures. These will help to reduce the risk of further problems in the future.


Sometimes, it’s fine to attempt minor repairs at home. You may be able to unblock a sink or toilet without calling a plumber. However, if you’ve got major issues or persistent problems, it’s wise to call in the experts. Call around and ask for some quotes. If you need assistance at night or over the weekend, it’s worth noting that fees may be higher.


If you’re renovating, you may require the services of a welder. Welding is a skilled, dangerous job, which demands attention to detail. If you have welding jobs that need doing, don’t try and master the art with the help of an online video on Call a local firm and you can enjoy peace of mind, as well as great results.

If you’re a keen amateur builder or plumber, you may fancy your chances if a DIY job crops up. But sometimes, it’s not safe to attempt your own repairs. Household tasks, such as roofing and plumbing, carry a risk of severe injuries. You may think that you’re wasting money asking for expert help, but there’s a reason why people train for years to do these tasks. When it comes to potentially hazardous jobs, use your common sense and let the professionals do their jobs.

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