Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dairy Fairy the Chinese Dairy Queen

I just want to share with you guys my recent discovery. Since we moved here in China I have to admit im missing western fast food! Everything taste different and im still getting the hang of it.

One day me and my husband are walking around inside a mall and we found DAIRY FAIRY yes! Dairy Fairy is a Chinese take on the well known brand Dairy Queen.

So to our surprise it was actually good! I mean its kind of a knock-off but hey! Its legit!

Its funny that they really tried so hard to copy the brand! The taste is okay DQ is much better
We ordered the SNOW STORM because Blizzard is just too mainstream

So this is their menu. I dont understand any of it because we just survived pointing at things all the time.  By the way we had Blueberry, Strawberry and Tiramisu.

They even give us a loyalty card that when you spend 20 Rmb or $3 you will get one stamp and you can have free products soft serve, ice storm, and waffle sundae.

The craziest thing about it is that there is Dairy Queen on the 3rd level of the same mall!
The reason why we keep coming back here is that there are no lines and we have a place to sit on. The staff are nice and without the crowds we can enjoy our time eating ice cream without everyone staring at my husband. 

Location : Basement level (near Bravo supermarket) Wanda Plaza, Pingmin Rd, Xinghualing, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

Thats it for this post! If i have the menu translated i will update it here :) Thanks for dropping by and see you next time.

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