Tuesday, March 1, 2016

PETA Summer Program

PETA also known as Philippines Educational Theater Association held its first media and bloggers workshop and tour last February 25, 2016 at The PETA Theater Center, No.5 Eymard Drive, New Manila

Such great honor to be one of the first bloggers who had been invited to go beyond the curtain of

PETA. We were accommodated by Ms. Vic in such lovely and humble ways making everything from registration to confirming our attendance and making us feel at home in this humble home. Later we were, toured and educated by Teacher John.

PETA is one honorable part of our history.  From the lobby Teacher John gave us the knowledge of how this humble theater guild started… how they run the shows in town… how each play production is crafted with passion, love and talent. He then, held us inside the theater where the setting is for the present play 3 stars and a sun.  After that, we went up stair where they rehearse and hold their workshop. In here our questions were entertained and we were given what it was be to in a prestigious acting workshop. Exhausted yet overly joyed each one of us was rewarded with a balcony ticket of 3 Star and a Sun worth 1200. Isn’t that amazing! PETA knows how to take care of their people! Tour… Workshop… Stage Play in one day! Thankful!

Things  We Love About PETA
  1. The humility and the knowledge they displayed towards us. From the lobby tour I learned how I should be grateful to our history and PETA for making us aware of our something we should not forget… the mural painting of tarots cards mirrors everything about PETA and as the narration of thing s we ought to know went on, I realized that I should be one of those people who should preserve and support  PETA in any means. (Well, I will be looking forward to be part them or not at least watch their show every now and then….
  2. The Stage is so mesmerizing… very unique… it looks so big… very different from any other theater  I have toured in… the sound of the our voice inside the theater was whole and clear… you may wonder what techniques or technology do they have in their light and stage production.
  3. The Q&A portion with teacher john and teacher ada was overwhelming with information. They had accommodated and actually  exceeded  to my expectation regardless of   how awkward some questions were
  4. The activities in the workshop they have given us is for all ages. the first task released our tension since we were not familiar with each other. the second task gave us the opportunity to get to know each other well. and then tthe last part was the real acting workshop as a team.all tasks made me realized that attitude, character, skills and talents should come hand and hand... side by side.
  5. The summer workshop they are offering is so tempting! Having fun and the same time enhancing what you can be in the future really worth the price from acting to singing to directing to writing to the stage play... it is one whole pack of a production! not to mention the you will get to know and be discovered as a talent...
You have to check out PETA summer workshop. You and the whole family will definitely have a great time learning, experiencing and exploring your artistic side!

Detailed information of summer workshops HERE
3 Stars and a Sun Review Here
You can check out the PETA website for more info : http://petatheater.com/

Thats it for this post! I hope you guys check what they offer and spend the summer learning!


event coverage and info by rissa
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