Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bouquet, Corsage and Boutonniere Making

@iloveglorietta had chosen me again to learn another something I am not that familiar… Basic Photography and Portfolio Making by Guenice Burgos of @lightkeeperstudio and the bouquet, boutonniere and corsage making @schoolofstylingph which was held in Glorietta 5.

The Basic  Photography and Portfolio Making really had me think I am not that really good… now I know why my son, a photojournalist have this and that… all I have are snapshots… Dating this day of learning I will compile my son’s work in a crafty way. 

We were provided with the huge piles and baskets of flowers and greens, ribbons, pins, glue sticks and dainty feathers! I was too eager to learn how to make those things with an open mouth. Hahaha!

I got too hooked on making the corsage and boutonniere I forgot I had to do a bouquet too… the corsages and boutonnieres are like small bouquets with a concern of proper angle of the flowers and what kind of flowers will be used and of the weight… Lovely flowers!  I have to work on my time management in workshops like this… This was really a magic… 

Here are some of my not so good works but I’m going to practice at home… who knows I will be a great florist one of these days…

Things I like in Glorietta Workshops…

  1. The settings of the activities were so heartwarming. They were really head turners… Glorietta really knows how to take care of us… they don’t just care… THEY LOVE US!… it is really a walk worthwhile in here! 
  2. Each of the workshops they have given is not only for enjoyment and bonding moment but for earning in the most amusing ways too… one of these days I would really love to be a florist! 
  3. Everything we needed for the workshops were provided! All I did was to present myself.
  4. They will make you realize LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!... Stop by to smile and appreciate flowers… sit for some time to create your own master pieces… laugh and be excite by new learning.
  5. The learning they are giving are irreplaceable… 
We would like to thank Glorietta Malls for this wonderful experience and for giving us a chance to participate in this amazing workshop! 

You guys can check out their social media for more updates

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