Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Stars and a Sun Review

3 stars and a sun on 30th anniversary of people power

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It was more than 2 decades since I watched a real musical stage play. PETA was very generous to give us a balcony ticket worth 1200 each to watch 3 stars and a sun, a great stage play which mirrors our society using the music of our great Francis Magalona as dialogs.

3  star and a sun sets decades in the future where our present problems and rotten reality  remain unsettled with no solution ahead. If the youth of that future won’t come up with the solution for this rotten society, life itself is expected to die…  the youth of the future should think and act fast! Not later but now…

What We Love About the Performance

  1. The stage is awesome.  I’ve ever seen such stage setting as if the sky or the stormdome is so high you can’t see any light from the sun. The stage lights that were used are so cool. Actually you may want to sleep but because the stage play really pounds you’re heart you won’t be.  The wholeness of the sound from the music to the dialog is very pleasing. You may actually close your eyes and imagine through their voices and background what the story is about. 
  2. The choices of the actors are well chosen. You will not say to anyone in the production WHY  HIM OR HER, EH SHE’S NOT THAT GOOD.  They are all good from the tropang gising  to Inky  at their very  best performance as if it is their last one. 
  3. The theme of the is very timely… Perfect in our time where our whole society should have someone to change the world we live in. Can we be just equal whether you’re rich or poor… as Filipinos? 
  4. I hope I could have a brain reconditioner too… so I can forget things that are not meant to stay in my mind.  The whole idea of  erasing the pass for me is great. Especially when you are from the darker side of the life and what’s a new life without turning back.
  5. It is like everything I like in one play… it is like BRAVE NEW WORLD, with the twist of TOTAL RECALL, MATRIX, WALL-E  in the not so  real world but possible to happen… Such patriotism for Filipinos are worth dying for.

The show is still running until March 6, 2015.  Dont miss the chance to see what we will face in the future and buy your tickets now!

For tickets, dial 725-6244 loc. 23 or (0927) 391-7379.
Peta Website: http://petatheater.com/
Peta Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/PETATheaterCenter/

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.


Information above are provided by Rissa.
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