Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review : Relative Happiness

Relative Happiness is about a 30 year old curvy woman named Lexi Ivy, who has this gorgeous family with the thinking that she is far more different from her siblings... she owns a breakfast and bed. She is bubbly, kind hearted and one awesome girl, who has to find a date for her sister's upcoming wedding

 then a handsome guest named Adrian arrives, who she thinks solves her problem. but she misinterprets the signs. After the all sorts of fortunate and unfortunate events, she finally sees the one who has been there all the time, Joss, the handyman who fixes her roof.

 Going Beyond the Movie

 1. This is one awesome film. I love Lexi. She may be not like her other siblings and mom who are dead gorgeous but she is one lovely woman. She has her own style far different from her family but love them far more than they thought.  i learned that no matter what happen family is family...

 2. Don't look for love... Let love comes.

 3. sometimes no matter how you put your family first, waking up each morning thinking how you can get pretty for your man they may end up with some other woman. that woman can take away the man but not FRIENDSHIP... not the memories they shared... not even the love they have for each other.

4. Betrayal can be done by anyone in the family but at the end a family is a family... no matter what...

5. having a friend, who treats you as a sister is a blessing!
This are just a few of what i love from the film... try to discover your own points of happiness...

Thank you 2nd ave for the tickets!


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