Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Movie Review- The Little Prince

I was one of the fortunate who was able to be invite to watch the advance screening 3D animated family drama adventure fantasy film of The Little Prince... a movie by Mark Osborne... based on one of the greatest novel ever written, under the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

I expected that the movie was like as of the novel with 90 to 99 percent adaptation of the novel but it went beyond what i expected. It is a very heart warming, life changing, and tear jerking movie. A story within a story...

the story is about a young girl with an over life planner mother. Upon moving in a neighborhood where the preferred school of her mom is near, she befriends an elderly aviator who happens to be the narrator of the story "The Little Prince" as page by page given to the girl.  The book is a very beautiful picture-like children's book.

As the girl and the elder plays together, cheating the life plan board that the mother imposes for her to follow, the elder tells the girl that he must leave sooner

after the girl and the elder gets involve in a car related incident, the mother forbids the girl to visit the elder

but after some days she visits to finish the story of the little prince. The girl gets angry as why the prince gets himself bitten by a venomous snake to able to be with his rose

by the end of the summer, the elder is hospitalized. To be able to make up with him, the girl flies the elder's plane to find the little prince in an asteroid of the lifeless workaholic adults owned by the businessman, who also buys and hoards the stars

the little prince and the girl goes to the now boabob trees infested home to reunite with his rose only to find her dead

the image of the rose rises up to the sun and the prince turns into a "little prince" again. As the girl returns to Earth by a flock of birds he asks her to tell the elder aviator that he remembers him.

Going beyond what is visible in the MOVIE

1. The big question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" as an adult, i am one of those dult who pushes the young what they SHOULD BE when they grow up. Guilty as charge... for now on i would just be here as a support and let the youngs decide what THEY want to be ADULT...
for to from now on

2. DO NOT FORGET... adults are very odd... as we grow older we forget by heart the what is essential to our lives...

3. THE BOX... the sheep inside the box makes everybody wonder what's inside the box... what kind of sheep is in the box... Well imagination is LIMITLESS!

4. THE ROSE... that tear jerking rose who said it is her fault why the little prince is leaving... why he couldn't understand the ways of showing her love to the prince... that unique rose who died waiting for the return of the little prince... love is really an abstract noun. we really can't define it...

5. THE FOX. that fox after being tamed has to go... that there will come a time in our lives that everybody we love has to go... no matter  how we don't want to let them go...

there a lot of things we can learn from the movie. these are just a few...

The Little Prince opens today nationwide in all Robinsons Movieworld. Try to discover the other things we, adults, can learn from this adorable movie

Thank you to Robinsons Movie world for the free tickets!

Rissa Reyes
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