Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dear Miss Germany and Miss Colombia

In light of the recent Miss Universe 2015 pageant events Im making this post. Im not a beauty queen fanatic or anything like that but i just want to share my sentiments about this fiasco.

I am very proud that our very own Pia Alonzo Wurztbach to be crowned Miss Universe 2015. Its such a tremendous source of pride and joy for us Filipinos all over the world. It makes all feel pretty and good inside (myself included). Even my husband feel very proud and so does his foreign friends and family that are dating and married to  Filipinas.

To Miss Colombia 2015

I do feel bad for you, and if I am in your shoes in that exact same moment i would me devastated and most likely take depression medication (and rehab as my husband said). No one wants to be in that situation but unfortunately that happened. People make mistakes and i think Steve Harvey did the right thing and announced the correct winner. You didnt win. There are factors that made you 1st runner up and they are all over the internet. Just accept it and move on.

You dont need to cry on-stage and seek so much attention so that people will feel a lot more bad for you. For goodness sake you are a beauty queen and i think you guys can handle your emotions well. Im pretty sure that a lot of people pity you. You should be proud since a lot of contenders wanted to in the top 3 and you get 1st runner up!

Before i feel bad for you but then i realized that with how you acted in instagram posting pics as if you owned the crown is such shame on you. You disrespected Pia and you didnt even congratulated her. You lack sportsmanship in that way. But hey at least the crown is with Pia that showed humility for what happened.

You are not robbed, you didnt win and everyone knows that. NOW LETS ALL MOVE ON

from Miss Universe-Gemany FB PAGE
(currently deactivated)


With your harsh words against MISS UNIVERSE 2015 (Pia) you just trashed down all your hard work and the respect from everyone. Your countries miss universe page is even deactivated because of the issue and cant handle the hate of your doing.

But why do you need to hate someone publicly and make a big mess about it, (its already pretty messed up as is) or maybe you just enjoyed your 2 minutes of fame and not realizing the backlash of your words. now a lot of people hate you so much and im pretty sure with this kind of scenario you cant sleep well. your wikipedia page is even being vandalized!

Shame on you Sarah Lorraine Reik. I hope Ms Universe Germany will not send someone like you ever again. your such a shame to your country and the whole pageantry circle. You dont deserve that title and not worthy to represent your country.

The image above is a screen shot from Miss Universe Germany Fb Page. In my opinion its so fake! like really you just think that you can just take what you said back when everything that you said is caught on tape. shame on you.

No one voted? well there is something that is called panel of judges. How did you know that no one voted for her in the 1st place? why didnt you dropped names? you seem to know everything then tell them everything. I didnt realized that bullying also happens in a pageant. Are you so scared that you even ended deactivating your social media. you thought that it was easy isnt it.?

oh well! Enjoy the videos below :) its not mine and i just shared it here

So thats it folks. just really need to vent it out here since im really upset on how miss germany talked down pia,., 

Disclaimer: Images and videos are not mine. credits to the owners.



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