Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tips on How to Cope with Homesickness

Being a Filipino, moving away from family to live/work overseas is really difficult. Since we Filipinos have a custom of extended family like most Asian countries, we are attached to are families so much that we cant stand the thought of just being away from them.

Its been a few months since my husband and I moved to China for work and most of the day im just alone by myself in our apartment. I think its nice that im well adjusted to an environment where i dont really have pals to hang out with all the time and im a home body. But not everyone is like that. Of course we miss our loved ones from time to time. But sometimes its just kinda hard to handle.

So today im talking about how to cope up with homesickness. Here are just a few tips that will might help you cope up with being home sick.

1. Utilize the social media.

Being away sucks and good thing that we all have Facebook and social media. Your family and friends are just a message away and they can respond to you in seconds. You can talk to them about everything and anything under the sun, Can you just imagine back in the day where letters (snail mail) is the only means of communication! Oh thank goodness for the internet.

2. Take up a hobby

If you want to spend your time doing things. well i suggest learning arts, crafts or sports. Its a fail proof way to wash your woes away while you are by yourself. There are a lot of options.. maybe watch a movie, take a walk, see some sites and explore places the possibilities are endless.

3. Be positive

If you are working abroad. At least you have something to do. but during the spare time and you get lonely think about your goals in life and how can you achieve it. Is it a business for your family or maybe a new car, a house and lot and comfortable living? Write it down and be positive you can achieve it with hard work. Having a positive and goal driven attitude will keep your mood up.

4. Make new friends

If you really like talking and meeting people you can go out make new friends. If you are in a foreign land and dont understand the language you can try learning the language and then make friends. There are also translator apps that you can download so you dont get lost in translation. Once you are comfortable then you can make more friends. start within your living vicinity.

so thats just some ways on how to cope with homesickness. I hope this helps you and have a great day!

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