Thursday, November 26, 2015

More Than Just Crafts - Judy Cimafranca

Our 1st artist of the week is mommy Judy Cimafranca. A co-crochet artist living in Olongapo. She owns the More Than just Crafts FB and does made-to-order items she also shares her patterns via raverly! She is a very nice lady and loves her crafts.

She makes clothes souvenirs, baby items, bags and many more! She is really a talented artist that is worth mentioning here in my blog. 

Here are just some of her creations:

Thats just some of the things she can do! What an amazing crafter.

You can check out her facebook page : More Than Just Crafts
you can send her a message there if you want to order from her (products and supplies) :)
and you can check out her free raverly patterns. Her username is jurichworx

So thats it for this post and have yourself a great day!


Artist of the week is a blog segment every Friday featuring our local artists, may it be yarn, calligraphy, polymer clay recycling and etc. The aim of this segment is to promote arts and crafts to the public and help them market their products. (this is not a paid advertisement/feature and if you are interested to be featured in my blog you can check out the contact tab above)
Images owned by Judy Cimafranca
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